Naturist Thought #86 – Power


Most discussions and situations are power discussions and situations. Basically, when two people discuss, it’s often a matter of who will be right and “impose” his or her views about the case discussed. When it comes to naturism, who is right? The naturist or the textilist? It’s always difficult to assess depending on the topic discussed and the personalities of the people involved in the discussion.

But, as Frankie goes to Hollywood sang, there is the power of love. When you love what you are talking about and love the person you are talking with, the power of love takes over. The love of being naked, the love of being loved, the love of discussing and the love of sharing the true value of naturism: respect!

There’s no inherent power in being right or superior. The only true power is to love and respect. Love and respect others point of view, as long as they love and respect ours. I had the opportunity, on multiple occasions, to confront my views on naturism with pure textilists who see the naked body as “dirty”. The power of those discussions lied in the respectful listening of their arguments and the power of mine around the simplicity of nudity. The sheer power of naturism lies in the nude body. There’s nothing more powerful than being naked and comfortable with our own exposed body. Vulnerability is the ultimate power!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by Lopez Robin on Unsplash


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