Naturist Thought #84 – Awareness


When hiking naked, I feel more aware of nature and the surroundings. It feels as if being naked raises my personal level of awareness. When spending time in a naked resort or beach and having discussion with other fellow nudists, I also feel more aware of them, the tone of their voice, their facial expressions and their emotion.

I feel nakedness drives more awareness. By being naked, I am more aware of my body. The air and the rays of the sun on my skin feels different. I wrote a while back about that moment when nakedness becomes the new normal. When this new normal becomes your daily reality and you get clothed reluctantly, you start to change your awareness level.

It’s one of those tiny things that make a world of difference in favor of naturism and is very difficult to explain to textilists unless they experience it themselves. Naturism has many personal, physical and psychological benefits. An increased awareness is not one we think about immediately and one that we should put forward when we explain naturism to non-naturists. However, this is one of those intangible benefits that make naturism such an awesome lifestyle.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash


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