Naturist Thought #83 – Pictures


Pictures are a very hot topic in the naturist community. Most resorts do not allow pictures to be taken, for what seems obvious reasons. With the advent of social networks, publishing pictures of others require their consent. This seems sensible! However, the perception of nudism and naturism by others is often biased by the filter of sexuality. A naked body is seen as a sexualized body, although, as naturists know, a naked body in a social setting is just a naked body.

Because naturism needs more acceptance, nudist pictures are a two-edge sword. On one side, they promote the nonsexual view of the naked bodies, on the other side, they reinforce the sexual view of naked bodies in the mind of textilists who do not know or understand naturism. Furthermore, being categorized as a nudist/naturist can have consequences outside of the naturist world and retaliation may happen.

Therefore pictures of naturists should be taken and used with caution, particularly on digital social networks. At home, if you are comfortable displaying naked pictures and hanging them on the wall, do it. I think it’s a great testament of our natural lifestyle. On the web, use your judgment and decide whether it could have or not personal consequences. Those consequences are often outside of our own hands. If I truly believe there’s nothing wrong or that deserve to be hidden with naturism, the world is not always peaceful and understanding.

What about you? Do you take and display naturist pics? Share your comments below!

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


  1. Very good points. I put myself in the “promote the nonsexual view of the naked bodies” camp. I have several pictures of me doing daily activities while nude – all in a non-sexual context. They are on my personal Web site, a naturist Christian Web forum, Flickr and a couple of other social media sites that accept simple nudity.

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