Naturist Thought #36 – Wellness


Wellness has become a multi-billion dollars industry. From yoga to meditation, from organic food to fasting retreats. Weave nudity into all those activities and ideas, and you have the perfect wellness cocktail. Most, if not all, wellness activities can be practiced naked. You can cook organic food naked, you can practice yoga naked, you can mediate naked, and so on.

Naturism has so many health benefits, a simple search on the internet points you to many quotes from MD or studies that describe them. Freeing oneself from the dictatorship of clothing and branding allows us to love our body and live without the shame of stripping down all our clothes. This way we take one additional step in getting more relaxed and freer.

I cannot consider complete wellness without complete nakedness. For years, I have been doing yoga asanas naked, meditating naked, hiking naked, swimming naked, cooking naked, nudity has become so natural is part of who I am and who many naturists I talk to are. Wellness without naturism is just goodness, nice but not sufficient to fulfilment.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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