Naturist Thought #35 – Social


Naturism is social. Not in the social network sense. In the real physical life sense. Of course, you can be part of naturist social networks, but the best way to share and enhance your naturist life is to share it with others. Naturist gatherings are social activities that make your life fuller, better and funnier.

The first time you go to a nudist beach or a naturist resort, you discover how much naturist are friendly. You realize nobody cares about the way you look as every is naked and carries his or her own flaws with him or her. Being social is about sharing and caring. Being social is about making new friends and having activities together.

All naturists love to be naked and carry their own life in the nude. Some are naturists only during holidays, but some I know love to stay naked all year long. Nudity is part of their social fabric. When we have a barbecue, it’s a naked one. When we have a dinner, it’s mostly a naked one. When we are going to the beach, textile in not an option. Naturism is one of the most social lifestyles.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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