Naturist Thought #37 – Speed


How long does it take you to undress? It depends on the number of layers of clothes you have, but it’s always faster to undress than getting dressed. The one piece I always wear is my pair of flip-flops that generally sits next to the bed. It takes a fraction of a second to put them on, so my feet are protected from the coldness of the tiles.

Beyond this, one of the first actions many naturists take when they reach home after a dressed day is to undress as fast as they can, have a rejuvenating shower and put their flip-flops or slippers on for a great evening in the buff. Getting back to our birthday suit is fast. Speed is the essence!

From dressed to naked takes a handful of seconds. It’s so liberating, it sometimes stays in my mind all day long. I’m waiting for that moment to happen and once it’s there, I sure make it as fast as possible. Same happens when I go to the nude beach. I generally can drive naked so no need to undress. However, when it’s not possible, the first thing I do once the car is parked is to get out and undress, right on the car park, so I do not have to carry my clothes to the beach. Once again, it’s a matter of speed and comfort. No need to wait, undress, fast!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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