What to do, what to say if someone finds out that I’m a naturist?


This question is a pretty classic one among new or aspiring naturists. While naturism is a way of life shared by millions, the stigma attached to it is very present. Associating nudity with sexuality is obvious in our society. If naturists know that our art of life has no sexual connotation, the image is sometimes difficult to erase in the collective unconscious. Here are some ideas for proudly accepting the look of others and demonstrating the values of naturism.

People don’t care!

Others don’t care. Whether you’re a naturist, a hiker or a choral singer, nobody gives it a damn. Not that your passion, your profession or your lifestyle interests anybody. Usually, however, the people you meet will continue to live their lives without worrying about yours.

Naturism, like many other subjects, often challenges ideas. We’re responsible, us naturists, to tell what it is and is not. But don’t worry too much! Assume that most of the people you say you’re a naturist won’t care. They will be almost always astonished, they’ll grin sometimes, and will rarely be shocked. However, you will have a great opportunity to speak about naturism.

You’re a naturist, so what?

Naturism is a natural, normal and very healthy lifestyle. Here’s, for the record, the official definition of naturism: “Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature characterised by the practice of communal nudity intending to encourage self-respect, respect for others and for the environment.”

As we can see, this definition is simple and nice. You and other naturists don’t necessarily adhere to this definition, yet it’s simple and full of common sense. Some practice naturism for the wellbeing it provides, others to be in communion with nature, others for its community side. However, by spending some time in a naturist place, we soon realize that the keyword is well “Respect.” Are you a naturist? Respect is probably a value you agree on. It’s a strength!

Proud to be a naturist

Naturism is a beautiful art of life that puts the human at its core. Naturists are often kinder and more open than non-naturists. That is due to the fact that naturists don’t judge others on their appearance. Naked, we have nothing to hide. Our body flaws are visible, exposed. We become vulnerable, that’s what makes naturism beautiful and noble.

Naturism must be a pride, nudity its standard. The naked body is our natural clothing. Society and its morals sexualized the naked body. A small child will naturally dispose of his or her clothes for frolic. It’s only by inculcating the shame of his body that he or she will keep his or her clothes. Embracing naturism and keeping nudity natural and normal, he or she will become an adult who is comfortable with his or her body and accept it as it is.

Rather than letting others discover that you’re a naturist, tell it. Be upfront! Here are some ideas. You’re invited to a barbecue with friends who have a swimming pool. Ask them if they’re bothered if you bathe naked. You arrive at an AirBnB or other rental property, ask your hosts if they’re okay for you to stay naked in the garden or in the pool. You invite friends to your home for a lunch in the garden and an afternoon at the pool, inform them that you will be naked and that they can do the same. In other words, talk about your naturism. You’re not risking anything but a polite refusal. In any case, you create an opportunity to speak and share naturism.

So, if somebody finds out you’re a naturist, confirm it with pride. Naturism embraces the respect of oneself, others and the environment. It’s an art of life that we need to share. So, before somebody finds out you’re a naturist, take the lead, say it, share it and let the magic operate.

Photo M.T ElGassier on Unsplash


  1. Most of our family know tht we are naturists even though its not for them we are quite open about the fact that we are even the people i work with know. Its just a shame that so many feel that they have to keep it quite or a secreat. I think the more we are open about the fact the more others will accept it as more the norm

  2. Completely excellent reply. The more that naturists treat naturism as a completely natural thing the more others will too.

  3. Recently a family member came to visit us in Florida ! They wanted to go to the beach !they asked many times what beach we would visit ! Where did we go all the time ! I thought about it and told them that we went to the local nude beach . They said we knew it ! They wanted to go ! A year before they blushed talking about a nude beach in Canada ! We are going to take them if they still want to go this year ! I’ve checked in to being there this year and several friends gave me a thumbs up ! People don’t care where we go ! Your right ! I’m much more open now about my lifestyle I hope to find more people interested by saying and expressing my thoughts!

    • Thank you Bob for sharing your story. I hope it will inspire many other to do the same. Naturism is a great natural lifestyle, not something to be ashamed or hidden. The more we share, the more people will join.

  4. For some,a small group of people is a good way to start out when you’re a beginner rather than a large gathering.My friend has always been open about her naturism and invited me to a clothing optional swim at her house and I’ll admit I was nervous because I had never attended anything like this before but I’m always open to trying new things.When I arrived I had my swimsuit in my bag mostly out of habit because I was raised textiled.She answered the door totally nude and in a way I was glad because it helped put me at ease and as I followed her through the house to the backyard pool I discovered that only one other couple was there and they were nude so I had nothing to worry about because it wasn’t like I was going to be on display in front of a whole bunch of people.I got completely undressed and swam nude for the first time and while it felt strange for a few minutes I got used to it.We played pool volleyball and also played cards at a table and during this time I completely forgot that I was nude and I stayed that way the entire time and really enjoyed myself and felt very comfortable.Needless to say,on future visits my swimsuit stays at home! I think it’s best to be open about the naturist lifestyle and help introduce others to it.

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