Can We Live Naked On A Permanent Basis?


The answer to the title of this post is a resounding yes, without any doubt or hesitation. It’s not about throwing all your clothes to the trash, but to decide to wear as little as possible and to remain naked as much as possible. Here’s why and how.

Living naked is healthy

Nudity is a natural state of any mammal in general and the human being in particular. Being nude at home, in your intimacy, is a normal state. The first advice I give to the aspiring naturists is to start by sleeping naked. There is nothing more comfortable. If you used to sleep with pajamas, a nightgown or any other garment, the first night would seem odd to you. You’ll probably feel like you’re doing something wrong. Don’t worry; you’re not doing anything wrong. On the contrary, you’re doing something healthy for your body and skin.

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If you are afraid of being cold, add a blanket or put a goose-feather duvet. In the morning, when waking up, stay naked, if the temperature allows it of course. If your home is well insulated and the temperature around sixty-eight degrees in the winter,you can comfortably stay naked. The feeling of cold often comes from the feet,put on warm slippers to remain at home. Prepare breakfast and take it naked. If you live with other people, you may not want to be naked in front of them right away. It’s coming!

Staying naked as much as possible inside is possible and very healthy. Your skin breathes, no garments irritates your skin at sensitive spots,and you feel free. You will discover anew comfort.

Living Naked is comfortable

Living naked is comfortable, very comfortable even. Physical comfort first. Wearing no clothes is effortless. You can go about your occupations, do your chores, watch television, meditate, all while being naked. As soon as you put on clothes, you often feel discomfort at first.

Psychological comfort then. We find a natural and healthy relationship with your body, differentiating it from the sexual image that society, religion, and the media give it. Simple nudity provides a soothing spirit.

Spiritual comfort. I appreciate meditating naked, to the point where I have difficulty to relax as much and listen to my true inner self while dressed. On the other hand, naked outside on a lounge chair or walking in the forest, or just lying on a bed, body, and spirit resonates in harmony.

Emotional comfort. By desexualizing the naked body, one finds pure emotions about your significant other and other people. By abandoning the social and sexual masks of clothes, we get more calm and kindness. Simple nudity is an excellent emotional therapy.

Living Naked is Social

Once the habit of solitary nudity is acquired, group nudity   is the next step. We find social nudity in naturist areas, camping, villages or beaches. You can also enjoy it at home if you live with other nudists and can propose visitors to strip too.

It’s an impression that may seem strange at the beginning, but that will soon fade away to make room for comfort and natural. Much has been written on the kind and social side of naturism and naturists. Shared nudity brings an additional psychological dimension to kindness. Naturism is social and promotes benevolent exchanges.

Dressing up?

Unfortunately for nudists, there comes a time when it is appropriate to get dressed. And then don’t deny it, dressing can also be enjoyable. When should we cover our body with clothes? Only to return to social activities that require clothes like going shopping for example or going to dinner with friends at a restaurant.

It is possible to limit dress time to the maximum by staying naked at home permanently, even to open the door to a delivery boy or share a meal with friends. You can also promote naturist holidays and places. You can finally decide to live in a naturist village or community, if possible. But even without going this far, it is entirely possible to live naked every day. It is a decision to take and to assume. Make it; it’s a real joy!

Photo by Pablo Padilla on Unsplash


  1. Hello all. I am new to this life style but I suspect I’ve always been a naturalist at heart since childhood. I hate clothes!. This article was very informative and I now realize that I am not alone and what I’m feeling is not wrong!. Thank you for the good information.

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