Nudist idea #97: Get a nudist cap


Whether you are naked or not, when it’s sunny, you need to protect your head with a hat. My choice goes to a cap, a nudist cap, that I can wear when I need to be clothed too.

You will find great nudist caps in the the same shop you will find other nudist apparels and gears. Just refer to my post Nudist idea #71: Have a nudist tote bag. You will find many colors and design to show your preferred lifestyle. At the nudist beach or club, it’s a no-brainer to get protected. But the real additional benefit is when you are not naked, as this will inevitably provoke some questions from other acquaintances, who may discover that you are a nudist, like with nudist t-shirts. It then becomes a great ice breaker to introduce our awesome lifestyle. Have you pitch ready and make sure you end it by inviting the people you’re discussing with to your club for a day, to have them discover naturism.

Do you have a nudist cap? Do you wear it often? How do people react? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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