Nudist idea #67: Waterski in your birthday suit


Waterski is one of those summer water activities that is highly enjoyable. Just gliding on the water on one or two skis, pulled by a speed boat. If you are a seasoned waterskier, and do not take risks, I highly recommend to let go your swimsuit and waterski entirely naked (at the exception of a life jacket for security purposes, not like the ladies on the pictures).

If you swim naked, which I highly recommend for many good reasons, the next logical step is to practice any water activities entirely naked. For most, if not all, you do not require any clothing (apart from the life jacket for security purpose or to get protected from the sun). Waterskiing is one of those activities, particularly in countries where the water is warm enough. Of course, the question of being seen waterskiing naked can be asked. However, many people are naked on their boats and it does not bother anybody. The same goes with many other activities practiced over open water. Therefore, you can generally waterski naked in full confidence. You will just get some people smiling and it will definitely give ideas to many other water enthusiasts, showing them than nudity is something normal and enjoyable.

Have you ever waterski naked? How was it? We would love to hear about your experience in the comment section below.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by Nilfanion – Wikimedia UK, CC BY-SA 4.0


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