My #nudist resolutions for 2018


Last year, I had three resolutions:

  1. Spend another full week clothes free. Done
  2. Make and display a “clothes optional” sign at my house. Not Done
  3. Make at least 5 naked hikes. Done

I did 1 and 3. As this cannot be satisfying, as I always want to reach my targets, I’m making another three (and a half) resolutions and will update quarterly to ensure I reach them:

  1. Spend one full week clothes free. This summer, at our summer home, avoid all clothing for a full week.
  2. Visit a new nudist club to spend at least two days, and write a report. I will need to plan it depending on my trips.
  3. Make 5 naked hikes, and write reports on each. This should start as early in the season to be able to reach the 5 depending on my trips and holidays.
  4. Optional: make this “clothes optional” sign at my house and next to my swimming pool (or buy one). I think, I’m going to buy one, as I have seen many online which were really nice. I will take a picture once setup

Nothing revolutionary this year, as this, personally, need to be a year of consolidation of many projects started in the previous years. I will continue update this blog as well, but less frequently as I will focus more on other parts of my professional and personal lives. I will however continue promoting this awesome lifestyle that is naturism!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by Hello I’m Nik ? on Unsplash


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