Nudist idea #49: Open the door naked to a delivery


If you live naked in your house, it may happen that you order something, either from an online retailer or from the local pizza restaurant. What to do when the delivery guy arrive? My answer has generally been just to open the door, as you are!

Image result for home deliveryWhat harm will you do by opening the door naked? You may shock the delivery guy, or not. I know those guys have seen generally much worse, and on top of this, they are generally in a hurry for another delivery, so they will not spend time thinking about what’s happening.
You may want to warn him or her that you are stark naked. However, if you have hung a clothing optional sign by your door, this will not come as a total surprise. You can tell the delivery guy that you are naked through the door, and ask if he/she’s OK with it? I’ve done this many times and never get a no. I’ve actually had many people telling that they themselves are nudist but never dare to do this. So, you may have some negative comments, but probably more positives than negatives. Just be yourself!

Thank you for sharing your experiences and comments below.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by jesse ramirez on Unsplash


  1. I will answer the door totally nude for family and friends because they know I’m a nudist but when it comes to delivery people I’m more cautious.I will be clothed or if not I’ll keep a robe near the door and put it on before opening the door just to avoid problems:)

  2. We always answer our door completely naked for visitors which has included Purolator, pizza and Chinese food delivery. Have had many shocked looks but no one has complained so far. Some end up talking to us for quite a while and we have made 2 new nudist friends as a result. Thanks for this and the other nudist idea posts.

    • I had a cleaning girl at home and would never close my door when changing she would pass by and see me nude than I started to walk around the house while I am nude and we ended up in same room and we was talking for awhile she was looking at me like I was wearing clothes and I spoke to her we did not even talk about the fact that I was nude but I love when people stare at me when I am nude

    • What a great idea! Haven’t tried it yet, although we are usually naked at home. Like “NH” we usually keep a towel or whatever by the door.

  3. I had the sheriff dept come to my house because of a dog bite. It was late at night when they came and I was not expecting them. I was sitting nude iny chair and my wife let them in. A male and female officer. My wife informed them that I go nude. Both said no worries and went on with making their report. I did eventually cover up with my towel.

    • Thanks Clifford. When we have the courage to share our naturism, we discover, more often than not, it’s accepted by others. We’re always one question away for staying or getting naked with others.

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