Nudist idea #34: Create a nudist friendly AirBnB


You have available space in your house or flat. You are a nudist. Why not creating a nudist friendly AirBnB space, make some extra money and meet new people?

Sure, renting a room or a part of your home requires some preparation and effort. Particularly making people feeling at home is a great part of the experience. However, this is what users of AirBnB are looking for: a great interaction and experience. Although nudism/naturism is not a search criteria, you can make it clear in the House rules and inform your guests this is a clothing-optional facility.

I would highly recommend you hang a clothing-optional sign, as advised in the nudist idea #13: Hang a Clothing-Optional sign. This way, the tone is set as soon as your guests arrive and you can inform them that they may shed their clothes if they are comfortable with nudity and that you may be naked during the day, inside and outside of the house. Of course, you will need to ensure that this was made clear before they book the room, particularly if you’ll be around. In all cases, nudity rules should be displayed and made clear, so the guests know where to be naked and where to be clothed, should there be any restrictions to nudity.

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Photo by Kelcie Papp on Unsplash


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