Nudist idea #24: Organize a clothing-optional BBQ


Everybody loves barbecue. It’s fun, friendly and yummy. I love as much the preparation of the barbecue as the barbecue itself with a bunch of friends. If you happen to be in a nudist resort, you can also go shopping naked, but I will come back on this in a future post. However, preparing the food, the meat, marinade, sauces, veggies and so on is fun too.

Send the invitation to a group of friends, nudists and non-nudists, and inform all that it will be a clothing-optional party. This means that some people may be naked as, you and others, are seasoned naturists, although it’s not sexual but social. It may happen that some of your friends will not want to come as nudity is not their things. I encourage you to insist a little bit and share them a couple of online resources to educate them on naturism. It can be the INF web site or your local federation one. Then give them a couple of days to decide.

On D day, have everything setup before your friends arrive so you and them can really enjoy the day. I encourage you too be naked and greet everybody in a joyous manner. Some may be surprised by your nudity, but act normally. If people question your state, just repeat that you told them it was a clothing optional party and they are free to get naked or stay clothed as they wish, and no, it’s not a swinger party (nothing against swingers, but my topic here is naturism not swinging). Of course, wear an apron when grilling, for obvious safety reason!

It happens that some people may stay clothed, but most will join you, particularly if you happen to have a swimming pool. The goal here is really to spend a good time with your friends and expose more people to the benefits of social nudism. A naked barbecue is always a lot of fun and a great bonding time!

Share your experiences and comments below.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by Evan Wise on Unsplash


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