Nudist idea #23: Plan your holiday with #nudism in mind


If you want to increase your nude time, one easy way is to pick a location where you can be naked for your next holiday. Of course, it should not be the only criteria, but one among many.

There are plenty of places in the world that have nude beaches, nude resorts, nude hotels and even nudist friendly B&B. You should plan what you want to visit, how much you want to be naked and what kind of setting you would like. A while back, I’ve written 7 tips to plan your next nakation. I encourage to read it to put your ideas into a tangible plan. It’s not rocket science, just careful planning to ensure great nude time.

What I really find cool is it seems there are more and more options for naked holidays, even in countries where not so long ago it was difficult to find a naturist resort or beach, like Thailand or South Africa. This allows for Northerners to go South in winter to spend some cool nude time, outside of the classical Central America or the Caribbeans, where options are plentiful! This will allow to mix some relaxing nude time with the discovery of a new country, new people, new culture and great place to visit. Having best of both worlds is a kind of a gift these days. As for many things in life, spending a little time to plan your next holidays with nudism in mind will increase your naked happiness!

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Photo by Paul Gilmore on Unsplash


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