Clothing optional. Of uselessness of clothes


Waking up with the sun at around 5AM this early Spring morning, I went to the kitchen to get my first coffee. As every day, I did not bother to dress. I sleep naked every night, and rarely bother to get a piece of cloth to breakfast. Coffee done, I went out in the garden, sipping from my mug and feeling the fresh morning air as the sun was just getting out. This was going to be a beautiful and warm day. I would not be able to soak in the sun today as it was a working and busy day for me. However, working from home, this was going to be another naked day.
While I was breathing deeply, the thought of clothes and their uselessness came to my mind. At the exception of coldness and moral (disputable) reasons, why would you want to wear clothes? Cold was a no-brainer. Staying naked in the cold indoor or outdoor is very uncomfortable, very quickly. Although, it’s completely possible to hike or run entirely naked in winter, after some warmup. When your body gets warm, you can undress and feel very at ease naked in the cold.

Moral reasons are personal and depends on the education one has received. Some people will state they feel better clothed, particularly with designer clothing, to reassure themselves. Some see nudity as insanity from religious ground. However, if you take all moral reasons and state, as a fact, that nudity does not equal sex, clothing comes out of the equation.

There’s another hidden reason to clothing is shame: shame of my body, of my scars, of my flaws… Shame is imposed by external factors: society, religion, marketing… Loving oneself is accepting oneself. Reality is not photoshopped pictures. Accepting our own flaws does not dictate we cannot do our best to get in better shape, eat better or working on healthy habits. Accepting our flaws is just loving our wonderful bodies and accepting it as it is.
I was still walking in the garden, listening to birds chirping, appreciating the grass on my feet and the first rays of the sun on my skin, feeling alive! Thoughts about the uselessness of clothes kept coming to my mind as I was feeling so good in my own skin entirely exposed to the air. I was feeling grateful to my parents the day they made me discovered naturism in Croatia as I was a kid. Although it took me years to realize naturism was an entire part of me, I felt happy about the road taken and the road ahead, full of naked gorgeous moments.

Naturism is, to me, the best possible lifestyle. I feel particularly good entirely naked, working, playing, walking, working out, cooking, and doing any activity with not a single piece of cloth on. I continued walking around the garden, spotting the moon, full and gorgeous, who was going past the horizon. Tonight, I would be going for a naked hike under this fool moon!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels


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