Still naked? A personal story of a #ProudNudist


Here’s a simple personal story about nudism, respect and fun.

A couple of weeks away, I was working from home. After the alarm rang, I woke up and went to the kitchen to prepare the breakfast, as I usually do. Sleeping naked, I prepare and have breakfast nude, always. Then, with the kid having left early for school, and while my wife was getting prepared to go to work, I went running into the woods, dropping my pareo quickly to enjoy a naked jog. Forty five minutes later, I was back, alone at home for my morning meditation. You guessed, still naked.

Once done, showered, and equipped with a good cup of green tea, it was barely eight and I was ready for a long working day, facing a pile of work, and tons of calls. Morning went through like a breeze and I prepared a quick lunch thay I enjoyed on the terrace, before going back to work, until the kids came back from school. I overlooked their homework then left them to play and went back to finish some work for the day. Since the previous day, I had not worn clothing, except for my light pareo at the start of my morning run. I was almost done with my work when my wife came home. She entered my home office, greeted me with a kiss, looked at me and asked : “Still naked?”

Not that she’s not used to see me naked as I barely wear clothes at home and strip bare as soon as I can!

I looked at here and answered: “Yes. Why?”

She shrugged and left my home office saying: “it always feel weird, but as long as you are happy, I am too.”

And this made my day. I worked another half an hour while she took care of the kids and checked for the second time their homework. I then went back to the kitchen to prepare dinner (you guess I like cooking), while the kids were setting up the table. We had a nice family dinner altogether sharing our main events for the day. I was naked, the rest of the family was clothed, and everybody was happy and enjoying the moment spent together.

The rest of the evening, everybody went carrying their own activities, the kids playing in their room, me writing this post, my wife preparing her next workday.

The feeling of staying naked a whole day, just carrying your daily activities is just normal. You are living a normal live in your normal nude state, without thinking about it. The only time I thought about it was when my wife asked her “still naked?” question. I came to realize I did not dress for the whole day, otherwise nakedness being a complete normal almost unconscious state, I may have not thought about it.
I even do not think about it when the rest of the family is clothed and I am naked. Everybody has come to accept and respect my nudity, and they share it in the sun as soon as the temperature permits. Then we move from a mixed family to a nudist family, but that’s another story.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash


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