Why You Should Get Naked Around Strangers


I’m still in a body image mood. This is probably because of the French law that parliament passed forbidding too skinny models working for modelling agency. However, it resonates well with various discussions I had with friends and family about people who were finding themselves too fat and others who were finding themselves very comfortable in their own body, including myself.

Now, this ties to nudism and being comfortable in our own body, and this article: Why You Should Get Naked Around Strangers, from the MindBodyGreen website. I love the following quote from the article: “I realized that just as self-compassion is an antidote to a world in which we’re never good enough, surrounding yourself with real women’s naked bodies is an antidote to the “perfect” female bodies that we’re inundated with every day.”

As previously said, nobody’s perfect, and seeking perfection can just be a way to escape happiness with what you have and what you are. Everybody is beautiful, everybody has something unique that make him or her what he/she is. So, for all people who seek the perfect body and spend a fortune on diets, supplements, massage, and the likes, divert some of your money to join the nearest nudist club and enter a world where you’ll get to love your body, not as it should be but as it is.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!


  1. That suggestion really works, I personally found that being naked around strangers let one realize that every body is unique and perfectly normal.

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