The Scientific Reasons Why You Should Just Always Be Naked


What a refreshing article from Elite Daily website! Excerpts from various MD and psychologists cited:

“Nudity is a taboo in America because we primarily equate nudity or nakedness with sexuality and we have taboos about sexuality.”

“By making nakedness an ordinary, matter-of-fact, common experience, unassociated with sexuality, the unhealthy prurient interest in pornography would be considerably lessened.”

“Coming from a nudist family played a more significant role in the children’s positive self body-image than their race, gender, or area of the country in which they lived.”

“Lyme disease deer ticks can grab onto our sweaters and sea lice can sneak into our bathing suit crotches. Cinched-up belts, ties, and clothes impede breathing. Men’s snug pants raise testicle temperature, lowering sperm count and fertility.”

Reading this well researched article provides some interesting discussion snippets and can help change many people view on nudity and nudism. As a nudist we already know through our self-experience how liberating nudity is, time and science will tell others why nudism should be freed and allowed in public places as a basic human right.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked, and Share the Naked Love!


  1. I LOVE this article. And what it so beautiful, is that I’m not just reading it and thinking, “Oh yeah that’s cute.” Many of these are things I’ve actually lived and felt shift in my own personal experience. Lived truth. Love it.

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