Are you a Naked Person?


I am in a body image mood those days. It’s true that you cannot open a magazine or browse the web without being bombarded with “beautiful” people, and as we are getting closer to summer in the Northern Hemisphere with messages on the next diet to get a “beach body”. But hey, as a nudist, I have a beach ready body all year round and all the nudists I know have a beach ready body too.
Not that nudists do not care about their body, they do like everybody else, but they are not obsessed by it. They are not obsessed because they have too much cellulite there or too little muscle here, they are not obsessed by their body because everybody can see their body, naked! Go to any nudist beach and you will see all kinds of body, fat, slim, big, small, tanned, untanned, etc. Of course the same will happen at a textile beach, but you will notice people wrapping in towels or covering their body with swimsuits, sometimes to hide what they consider something they do not like.

We all know, nudists and textiles, that a body and health are related. However, the love you have with your body is, IMHO, far more important than the effort you are making to have a “perfect” body. Nobody’s perfect, says the wise. Learn to love your body and to get well into it. It’s not the look of others that should lake you ugly or beautiful, it’s yourself! You are beautiful. One quote taken from the blog post I stole the title from: “I think your view of nakedness says more about you than how conventionally beautiful you are”. All is said.

This article posted on the Elephant Journal, a website dedicated to the mindful life, is spot on. Being a nudist is definitely being a naked person, and I would argue that a naked person is a better person. Better in the sense that this person will less judgmental to others and all we need today is more care, love and … nakedness.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!


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