Q1 update on 2024 Nudist Resolutions


As you may know, I love resolutions and I love nudism. Every month, I’m reflecting on my progress and every quarter, I try to assess where I am and what needs to be corrected to ensure goal achievement.

Yes, my yearly goals include nudism as it’s an integral part of my life, as I aim at living more and more naked, when temperatures allow of course, and bringing more people into the naturist lifestyle. So as for other professional and personal endeavors, I plan my naked time and activities so they increase and broaden. Here’s an update for Q1.

Spend 120 days naked12036Ahead and happy to be ahead towards a longer term goal of living clothes-free all year long
Spend a full naked week in a naturist resortQ2Planned for Q3It’s a Q2 objectives, but I won’t be able to make it due to professional engagements. I’ll try to move it to Q3.
Make a five-day naked hikeQ3Planned for Q3I’ll plan along with the naturist resort stay.
Publish A passion for Nudism and my fifth French naturist novelQ4On track for Q4The Fifth novel is well advanced and should be finished by end of May, leaving me another 6 months to finish and polish A passion for Nudism
Weekly exercise and meditation150 minutes weekly150As per my Garmin watch and app, I’m averaging, 2:30:01, which is 150 minutes and 1 second of intense activity per week. Just on the dot.
Work on my joie de vivreDailyDailyPracticing daily gratitude session has elevated my mood. Will continue.
Get closer to friends and familyMonthlyNot measuredAnswering more calls and updates.
To really love my passion for naturism DailyDailyI’m now fully committed to pursue this passion more openly and with great joy!
To live my nudism more openly DailyNot measuredI’m sharing more and more about naturism and its many benefits with relatives and friends
To dare sharing my nudist activitiesDailyNot measuredSame as above
To protect my time from predatorsDailyDailyReviewing my calendar daily, prioritizing actions and planning time, keepong time predators at bay
Update Nudist Objectives Q1 2024

Looking at my Q1 nudist scorecard makes me quite proud and a great improvement from last year. I think it’s the reflection of my commitment to truly and openly love naturism and nudism, and embrace the lifestyle to the max. At the same time, a green scorecard like the one above may reflect some lack of ambition and no really Big Hairy Audacious Goals. Well, compared to last year, I really think I’m making progress and to me, it’s the most important thing. The point that I need to work more on is to be more open about naturism with many acquaintances and spend more time naked while others may not be. It’s a step I’m willing to take and this will go through a lot of experiments, tries and errors, I’m sure. I may lose some friends in the process, but I’m guessing that most will shrug their shoulders, or even join. Time will tell.

What about you? Where are you in your 2024 achievements? Are you making progress? Have you embraced a more nudist and naturist lifestyle? Are you sharing time naked with your friends and relatives? Share you experiences, tips and questions in the comment zone below. Have a great naked day!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!


  1. Marc, I really like your examples of goals and tracking your progress. Inspired by your model, I’ve set up some modest goals for myself. Like you, I’m trying to be more open about being a naturist, both with existing friends and new acquaintances. I’m trying to share my joy of naturism with whoever seems interested. My most challenging goal is to spend more time nude with clothed friends and family. It’s about normalizing nudity both for myself and others. My hope is that one day I’ll feel as comfortable nude in a textile environment as I would at a clothing optional resort, beach, campground, etc. As you said, it will require some trial and error and perseverance, but the journey should be fun!

    • Thanks Curt. Being confortable nude in a textile environment requires some efforts, particularly emotional and psychological ones. But more importantly it requires to have the courage to start. Once naked with others clothed (everybody should be OK with your nudity of course), the key step is to forgot that you’re naked. It feels strange at the beginning, and your mind keeps reminding you that you’re naked. Silence it by engaging into various activities and slowly forget about nudity. It takes some time, but is immensely rewarding. And, yes, the journey is fun!

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