Life Goals and Yearly Resolutions, the Nudist Way


Another year has started. I hope it will be good for each of you and that you’ll be able to enjoy much nudity, spread the nudist message around and widen your nudist friend circle! I started the year with a few ideas about the way I would approach nudism. It’s not any kind of revelation or revolution, but ways to increase nude time and nudist passion.

Nudist resolution ideas

I started with the simple action at asking ChatGPT about nudist resolutions and here what it came up with (unedited):

  1. Visit a new nudist resort or beach: Branch out and try a new place where you can embrace your nudist lifestyle.
  2. Host a clothing-optional party: Invite your friends and family to a casual get-together where clothing is optional.
  3. Start a nudist meetup group: Connect with other nudists in your area and plan activities and events for like-minded individuals.
  4. Go on a nudist vacation: Plan a trip to a destination where nudism is accepted and embraced.
  5. Attend a nudist event: Check out local or national nudist events and festivals and participate in the fun.
  6. Practice body positivity: Embrace and love your body as it is, and encourage others to do the same.
  7. Educate others about nudism: Share your experiences and knowledge about nudism with others to help promote understanding and acceptance.
  8. Get involved in advocacy work: Consider joining a nudist organisation and getting involved in efforts to promote and defend the nudist lifestyle.

Pretty decent list, isn’t it? I start to really like this chatbot, with its no BS common sense, particularly about nudism. As I wanted more, I asked for more and here they are

  1. Practice yoga or meditation in the nude: Try out these activities while naked to increase your body awareness and connection to your environment.
  2. Go on a naked hike: Explore nature in a more natural state, and enjoy the feeling of the sun and the breeze on your skin.
  3. Take up naturism: Consider exploring the principles of naturism, which advocates for a way of life that promotes harmony with nature and respect for the environment.
  4. Try skinny-dipping: Take a dip in a natural body of water, and experience the freedom and exhilaration of swimming naked.
  5. Experiment with different forms of social nudism: Check out different nudist clubs, events, and communities and see what resonates with you.
  6. Practice self-care in the nude: Take some time to pamper yourself and relax while naked, and focus on self-acceptance and self-love.
  7. Share your nudist experiences with others: Consider writing a blog, creating a social media account, or joining an online forum to share your nudist journey and connect with others who share your interests.

Those are 15 potential nudist resolutions for the year to pick from. Let’s see how to make those a reality.

A Simple Method to Achieve Resolutions

We all know that many resolutions don’t live beyond the end of January. Last year, I provided a detailed plan to reach or even exceed your resolutions. This plan revolves around eight parts: List, Categorise, Prioritise, Plan, Inform, Execute, Review, and Celebrate. This year I’ve used YearCompass to help me review my year and plan 2023, to make it a glorious one. It took me a few hours to review what worked and what did not work in 2022, to deeply understand my success and my missed opportunities. I encourage you to do the exercise by downloading the workbook and set aside a few hours to review 2022 and plan 2023.

success text
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Dream Big

While I list all my ideas for the year, it really boils down to tearing down my inner limits and dream big. We call this a BHAG: Big Hairy Audacious Goal. What is it or are they? What would you love to realize if there were no limits? Why would it be great to realize this BHAG? How would you feel?

Goals to reach

Once you’ve dreamt big, here comes to the time to break down those BHAGs into individual goals to reach (the SMART ones: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound). At that moment, your lizard brain may kick in and try to prove that some goals are neither realistic not achievable. To me, it’s a good indication that, 1. this goal is important to you, 2. that you need to find a way to make it a reality.

Magical Triplets

I think one of the secret ingredients of the YearCompass is the magical triplets part. it comprises 12 parts:

  • Three things I will love about myself.
  • Three things I’m ready to let go.
  • Three things I want to achieve the most.
  • Three people who will be my pillar during rough times.
  • Three things I will dare to discover.
  • Three things I will have the power to say no to.
  • Three things I will make my surroundings cosy with.
  • Three things I will do every morning.
  • Three things I will pamper myself with regularly.
  • Three places I will visit.
  • Three ways I will connect with my loved ones.
  • Three presents I will reward my successes with.

This list uses the power of three (two is too few, four is too many) and focuses on all areas of life.

Commit, Execute and Review

Once done, put the score into music by planning actions into your calendar, and set daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly review times. Plan them now. They are important moments to ensure you execute, course correct if needed or reward when you achieve success.

My Nudist Resolutions for 2024

After having done the exercise, here are my four nudist resolutions for the year:

  1. Spend 120 days naked – This is measured quarterly (30 days a quarter).
  2. Spend a full naked week in a naturist resort – I am planning this for Q2.
  3. Make a five-day naked hike – I’m planning this for Q3.
  4. Publish A passion for Nudism (in English) and my four naturist novels (in French) – I’m planning this for Q4.

There are side goals to those nudist ones that I will drive as well:

  • Weekly exercise and meditation.
  • Work on my joie de vivre to accept happiness and say no to negativity.
  • Get closer to friends and family by setting time aside for them.

On my magical triplets, I have decided:

  • To really love my passion for naturism (I had a few doubts lately, but decided that my happiness mattered and nudism makes me happy).
  • To live my nudism more openly with friends and family (sharing more and inviting more to discover).
  • To dare sharing my nudist activities with others.
  • To protect my time from predators.

I want to keep this simple, close to my heart and to those I love. Of course, I will continue to post my thoughts about nudism and naturism on this blog, to participate to discussions on nudist and naturist forums, and to advocate nudism and naturism whenever possible. Nudism/Naturism is an awesome lifestyle, which helps people to cultivate happiness and harmony, and I believe contribute in a positive way to the necessary adjustments we need to do with climate change. We need a big change in our behaviours and nudism/naturism can help.

What are your nudist goals for 2024? What do you think of those provided by chatGPT? Are you ready to make 2024 your nudest year? Share your thoughts and comments below. I thank you for being a reader of Nude and Happy and wish you a wonderful Nude Year 2024!

Strip Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Note – As I was updating checking in my quarterly resolutions, i realized this post was not published. Here it is, with a months delays but no modification whatsoever (except the featured image that was created with Stable Diffusion).


    • Thank you Alexis. Yes, 30% is a step toward more committed naked life. It’s a conscious decision that transforms into tangible actions so naked living does not stay a dream but becomes a reality.

  1. Very lucky although nice warm weather is not always available here in the UK, I am only two miles from an official nudist beach and other remote beaches.

    • I fully understand Ken. In winter, most of the naked days are spent indoor. However, there’s a conscious decision and follow-up actions to embrace a more naked life on a daily basis.

  2. Referencing your item 11, practice naturist.

    It has been my experience to actually practice and promote naturism, there is a strong relationship between being naked verses being clothed as weather will allow and naturism.

    Example, not only connected to nature better, you use, wash and make cloths last a lot longer if you ware them only when needed. The clothing life cycle represents 5 th or 6 worst industry for water and air pollution!

    Surprisingly AIr conditioning is a very high percentage of home energy use. The simple act of turning it off or at least set the temperature up to 80 and go naked when at home. This costs you nothing and you have a large impact on air and water pollution. Here in the US, there is a population shift going south and conversely demand for AC is going up just to accommodate this shift. Electric energy production is a major source of water and air pollution. Green energy production of electric is not as green as you are told when you consider mining, manufacturing and disposal of these green energy powered systems.

    Use transportation wisely and vacation closer to home.

    People are being reminded of global warming continually. By being naked at home and around the house , with friends and neighbors knowing your goals of reducing energy and pollution, they will decouple nudity equals sex and will recognize you are taking action to reduce your carbon footprint. After all, the naked bike ride protest against excessive use of fossil fuel and your known philosophy about reducing pollution, will get respect not chastisements and even avoid someone calling the police for indecent exposure.

    If we wish to use our resources wisely and reduce pollution, each one of us needs to take steps towards this goal, going naked where you can is clearly a step in this direction.

    David Whitmer

    • I’m 100% with you on this David. Being a naturist plays a role in fighting climate change, pollution and over consumption of resources in many positive ways. Taking this angle to explain why you’re a naturist and how nudity is not what many people thing definitely helps. Keep being a great nudist advocate! We need more of us!

      • Strangely, when reading many different write-ups on the benefits of nudity, rarely is there an emphasis placed on the many positive benefits as it relates to general environmental issues if you would simply be naked. By being naked not only are you closer to nature, but you also modify your activities to be more in alignment with the natural world.The benefits to our environment by being naked reduces our carbon footprint affects every living plant and animal in a positive way.

        • I totally agree with you David. Naturism and nudism are one of the ways to have a positive impact on nature and our little planet. Less clothes, more simple and natural pleasures, better connections to our natural world.

  3. Curious and interesting article, I admit that I have never made lists or deliberations on nudism or naturism. Since 2017, when another nudist made me a nudist too, nudism has rapidly expanded, taking up more and more time, from the few hours of initial nudity, which I then ended up undressing as soon as I returned home, up to a lifestyle as naked as possible definitively adopted at the beginning of 2018. I believe that naturism, once tried, understood, absorbed and internalized, it allows nudity to expand spontaneously in the individual’s life. Being naked is not only beautiful, but personally it gives me great freedom and I think that only when I am completely naked can I really respect my body. Not to mention happiness. Naked I’m happy. Nudity also pushed me a lot towards nature which not only allowed me to discover a wilder side and a return to origins, but also a greater respect for nature and a healthier and more natural life. Nudism educates people and I am increasingly convinced of this. Unfortunately this April is still a little cold in my country, but as soon as it gets a little warmer I hope to be able to get rid of my clothes. Have a good naked life everyone.

    • Thank you Federico. Like you, naked makes me happy. However, life tends to send curveballs that, if we are not paying attention enough, derails our path. As the world is not really nudist friendly, I’ve decided a while back to be intentional about naturism, and consider it as any other project/goal. This has allowed me to set priorities in my life and put naturism as a key one. Hence, I’m setting naturist goals and resolutions. Some are quantitatives (like the number of days I spend naked), some are qualitatives (like spending quality time with family). By setting objectives, I can plan naked days ahead and ensure they will happen. I hope it helps.

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