🌟 Happy Nude Year: Embrace the Freedom, Joy, and Resolutions of Nudism! 🌟


Dear Nudie Friends,

As we bid farewell to another incredible year of bare adventures, growth, and shared moments, let’s welcome the New Year with open hearts and bared souls! πŸŽ‰βœ¨

Reflecting on our nudist journey, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the vibrant community we’ve built together. Your enthusiasm, openness, and the shared love for the liberating embrace of nudism make Nude and Happy and A Naturist World truly special places.

Now, as we step into a brand-new year, let’s set the tone for even more nudist awesomeness! Here are some action-oriented nudist resolutions to kickstart your 2024 and to make it a fantastic nude year:

  1. Dip into the Great Outdoors:
    • Commit to experiencing nature au naturel at least once a month.
    • Plan a naked hiking trip or explore a nudist beach you’ve never visited.
  2. Spread the Nudist Love:
    • Introduce a friend or family member to the joy of nudism. Share your positive experiences and invite them to a nudist event or beach day.
    • Support newcomers in our communityβ€”offer guidance and make them feel welcome.
  3. Embrace Body Positivity:
    • Stand in front of the mirror and appreciate the unique beauty of your body.
    • Share your journey toward self-love on our forums or social media to inspire others.
  4. Naked Fitness Challenge:
    • Incorporate more nude-friendly exercises into your routineβ€”yoga, swimming, or just a brisk naked walk in the fresh air.
    • Challenge others in the community to join you in a nudist fitness journey.
  5. Expand Your Nudist Knowledge:
    • Read at least one nudist-related book each month. Check out the latest publications on naturism and share your insights with the community.
    • Attend a nudist meetup to deepen your understanding and connect with like-minded individuals.
  6. Celebrate Nudist Milestones:
    • Create a nudist bucket list and tick off at least three items this year.
    • Share your achievements with us, whether it’s participating in a naked run or joining a world-record-breaking nude event.

Remember, the essence of nudism lies not just in shedding clothes but in embracing freedom, self-acceptance, and connection. Let’s make 2024 a year of joy, growth, and endless nudist possibilities! On a personal note, I’m taking a few days off to immerse myself in the joy of nudism, reflect on my own nudist resolutions, and plan for an exciting very nude year ahead. Stay tuned for an upcoming post where I’ll be sharing my own nudist goals and inviting you to join me on this journey.

Wishing you a Happy Nude Year filled with sunshine, laughter, and the pure bliss of being your authentic, bare selves.

Stay Nude and Stay Happy!

Warmest wishes,


Passionate naturist and Founder, Nude and Happy

P.S. Feel free to share your nudist resolutions and goals for the year ahead on our community forums! Let’s inspire each other to make 2024 the best nude year yet. 🌞🌿


  1. What you have said in this article is very correct. Every naturist has to do this to the maximum possible extent,
    considering the society, the nation he/she lives in.

  2. What a great painting!!😍 Is it for sale maybe? Great article too! Happy naked 2024 to everyone.πŸ‘£

    • Hello Steef. Thank you! It’s a digital picture that I can make available as an NFT in high definition if you’d want to acquire it. Let me know (you can dm me on marc at nuetheureux dot com if you’re interested).

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