From Textile to Nudist: A Journey of Transformation and Self-Discovery


For the first part of my adult life, I was a committed textile. The thought of being nude in public was not something I was thinking about. Naturism was out of my mind. But a series of experiences led me to question assumptions about naturism and embark on a journey – a journey from textile to nudist.

The Seed is Planted

The seed was first planted during a trip to a nude beach in Yugoslavia as a child in the 1970s. My parents, who were probably more open-minded than most at the time, took me to a nudist beach. I have fond memories of the freedom and innocence of playing naked by the sea without a care in the world. It felt natural, fun and completely normal to our young minds.

Of course, as I grew older, particularly at adolescence, I became more self-conscious and influenced by social taboos. I was uncomfortable with the idea of public nudity as a teenager living in a more conservative society. Nudism became an embarrassing relic of my past. I had adopted all the prevailing textile attitudes.

It wasn’t until my mid twenties, when I took a trip back to Greece, that those positive childhood memories came flooding back. When I learned there were still many nude beaches where I could comfortably experience that innocent joy again, I decided to give it another try.

Testing the Waters

That first visit to a nude beach was terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time. I was acutely aware of my own nudity at first. But then I saw all the other regular beachgoers relaxing comfortably without a care, and I started to relax too. The ocean breeze and sun on my whole body felt wonderful and freeing.

After that, I went back, getting more comfortable shedding my textile ways each time. I became a sort of regular at the local nude beach near me and started making new friends.

Finding Community

Back home, I learned about the naturist federation, nudist clubs and resorts, although joining one still seemed daunting. It would be years before I join one, but it was a decision that changed my life, for the better.

On my first visit, I was greeted by people who treated me with respect and like any other guest. The longer I stayed, the more I realized that nudity was completely normalized there. No one seemed to notice or care that anyone was naked – it just wasn’t considered strange or sexual at all.

What struck me most was the sense of freedom. Not just physical freedom from clothing, but personal and emotional freedom to be your authentic self. I made connections and friendships there like no other place before.

Embracing My New Lifestyle

From then on, I became fully immersed in the nudist lifestyle. Any lingering shame or embarrassment melted away. I felt like I could truly be myself, without artifice or judgment. I started this blog and building my life around semi-permanent nudity.

I started going on nudist hikes, enjoying the feeling of nature on my bare skin. Skinny dipping became one of my favorite activities. And I even took up nude yoga, rising with the sun each morning to stretch and breathe in the fresh air.

One of the things I love most about nudism is that you shed not just your clothes, but your responsibilities and roles, if just for a little while. Without the markers of career, status, or anything else, we’re all just human beings. And there’s an equality in that, a sense of community not defined by what you do or how much you have, but who you are.

Of course, I still live and function in the textile world. But I bring my nudist values with me everywhere. Nudism has taught me so much about letting go of judgment, embracing body acceptance, and seeing the humanity in everyone. I feel more comfortable in my own skin, literally and metaphorically.

Why You Should Try It Too

I know most textiles see public nudity as taboo. But I encourage you to examine why you feel that way. Nudity itself is not harmful or shameful. It’s natural for every human being. But cultural conditioning has taught us to fear and sexualize naked bodies.

Shedding those social constructs can be incredibly freeing. You can experience comfortable, casual nudity in safe, welcoming spaces like nude beaches and nudist resorts and clubs. No one is there to ogle or make others uncomfortable. It’s simply community, nature, and freedom – freedom to be yourself.

Some other wonderful benefits of nudism that I’ve experienced:

  • Greater comfort and confidence with my own body
  • Less judgment about others’ bodies and appearance
  • Feeling more connected to nature and the elements
  • Overall more happy, positive, accepting attitude
  • Deeper human connections not based on superficial things
  • A liberating sense of freedom from social constructs and rules

I hope sharing my lifelong journey from innocent childhood joy to self-conscious textile and back again to nudist happiness inspires you to reflect on your own attitudes. Perhaps you too will choose to discover – or rediscover – the wonders of nudism. You have nothing to lose but your clothes! Try it – you just might free your mind, body and soul.

Get Nude, Stay Nude, Live Nude and Share the Nude Love!


  1. My journey into nudism is very similar although I didn’t truly become a nudist until much later in life (mid 40s). I enjoyed being naked as a child but didn’t have an open minded family so I was shamed into covering up and stayed that way for years. In my 30s I lived in a house adjacent to acres of woods where I would occasionally sneak off to and take short naked hikes. That got me thinking about visiting a nude beach or resort. I researched and procrastinated for years until finally decided to go to a nudist camp a little over an hour away from me. I was terrified on the drive there and almost turned back. The thought that motivated me to keep going was “just try it once and if you hate it, you never have to do it again.” I vividly recall shaking as I took my clothes off in the parking lot of the camp. My nerves calmed a little as I approached the sign in area, and all the naked people standing there didn’t freak out about me being completely nude. I was just another person in their eyes. By the end of that first day, I was completely relaxed and realized I had discovered something wonderful! On my next visit, I became a member of the camp and the following summer I joined AANR. Now I am nude as much as possible which sadly isn’t enough because where I live there aren’t that many opportunities for public or social nudity. However at home I am pretty much naked all the time except for when I have textile friends or family over. Sadly, because of societal taboos about nudity I have kept my love for this lifestyle in the closet. I hope someday to reach a point in life where I can be more open about being a nudist without being judged as a pervert or weirdo.

    • Why would you ever put a photo of your penis in the foreground?. Bah…personal tastes but it certainly doesn’t convey a good message about nudism. I’m not saying that the genitals should be censored, I’m also a nudist and when the temperatures allow it I undress completely, including the penis. But I would never dream of taking a photo like that. It makes nudism appear to be linked to sex or genitals and this is not true, then let’s not blame others if nudists themselves convey nudism in the wrong way. 😑

  2. wonderfully said journey from textile to the nudism. I was very curious in my schooldays when I was
    watching naked Jain saints on the streets. However it remained at back of my mind because of higher education,
    career & then family responsibilities. I retired in 2019 & thereafter I got enough time to know more about naturism.
    Eventually I decided to embrace this marvelous lifestyle. Though naturism is legally banned here in India, I try to
    practice naturism lifestyle within home as much as possible. I hope that one day I may extend my home nudism
    in the nature itself, preferably through a long walk and playing with sea waters at a lovely scenic beach.

  3. Am I weird? But for some reason the fact that when I get naked I have erections constantly and this is what drives me away from nudism. I wish it did not. Is there some way to not have erections while naked or suppress them?

    • If you are not used to being naked it is normal. This is something that happens to all textiles who become nudists. It also happened to me when I tried nudism, but not yet being transformed into a nudist, I had erections when I took off my underwear. The brain is set on the idea of nudity = sex. This is not your fault, but the sick and unhealthy society in which we live. It is this bad link that you need to cut!!. The only solution is to get used to being naked. The longer you stay completely naked the more normal nudity will become. Slowly your erections will disappear and taking off your underwear will no longer cause you anxiety or excitement. It will be like taking off your jacket when you return home. Start by sleeping naked, without pajamas or anything else and then if you have the possibility, stay naked during the day. It’s the only solution to the problem. And I say this from experience.

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