Nudist Short Stories

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A few months ago, I’ve started publishing some articles of my blog to Substack. I confess the publishing and managing interfaces are very user friendly and pleasant to work with. As I was getting used to Substack, inspired by the Nudist Anthologies done by Ted and Will, and following on Naturist Fiction by SkyCladTherapy, I started a subscription-based part of the blog focused on Nudist Short Stories.

Two short stories are currently undergoing on the site and I post a new episode every 4 or 5 days. Hence, if you want to get a piece of a short story, with naturism as one of its central element (and not always the central theme), just go to the site and have a look. I have a lot of fun writing those stories and I hope you’ll have reading them.

This part of my Substack is under subscription, as I’m trying to make naturism a key element of my revenue stream. It’s a small amount per month but it means a lot to me. As a paid subscriber, you’ll get an exclusive episode of a nudist short story delivered to your inbox every 4 or 5 days, and will receive the complete ebook of 10 to 12 short stories when it becomes available. You can also consider becoming a founding member to help spread the nudist and naturist message. If you chose to become a founding member, you will receive two of my books from the Nudism Series. Choose the ones you want and I will send them right to you!

I thank all my current subscribers and look forward to welcoming you on Nude and Happy Short Stories!

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