Nudity and Growth: Reflections on My First Quarter of Naturist Resolutions in 2023

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Voilà! The first quarter is over! We are at the beginning of April, and it’s the first quarterly pit stop on our 2023 nudist journey. As I shared on my post Happy Nude Year!, quarterly reviews are an important time to reflect on what happened and what it’s cooking ahead. It’s a little bit more than monthly reviews because, we can have an overall view over three months and decide what will happen in the next three months. It’s therefore taking a little bit of altitude. Quarterly reviews have a broader scope and are used to evaluate progress over a longer period of time. They tend to be more comprehensive and in-depth than monthly reviews. And this is what you should do and what I will do with my overall goals and, in this post, with my naturist goals.

In my previous month post, Nudity and Growth: Reflections on My Second Month of Naturist Resolutions in 2023, I explained again the progress measurement four-level scale. Here it is as an important reminder on how to gauge progress.

  • ++ I’m ahead. I can relax, while keeping an eye on it, but devote more time to more pressing goals.
  • + I’m on track. It’s great, I need to keep the pressure to keep on track.
  •  I’m slightly behind. This requires my attention and I need to spend more time and energy on this.
  •  I’m really behind. This requires my immediate attention and requires that I take tangible actions, with more time and energy.

So here I am on my goals and magical triplets (for all explanations about those goals and triplets, how to set and monitor them, I encourage you to read Happy Nude Year!)

Spend 120 days naked30 days quarterly34 days! I could not believe it myself. Last day of March was the 34th naked day of the quarter and April 1st, the 35th, continuing with today April 3, which is the 36th. I feel great about this, because of two things. First, it’s for me a testimonial to my commitment to nudist, and second, it’s a huge improvement from last year, driven by sheer determination and planning.++
Spend a full naked week in a naturist resortQ3It’s now planned for September. along with naked hikes. I’m currently searching for the right spot, so stay tuned. I’m happy to takes a right approach to planning naked time. +
Make a five-day naked hike Q3I decided last month to merge this goal with the previous one, hence the search! It’s on and am pretty sure it will come to a great choice.+
Publish A passion for NudismQ4Ok, this one is on the back burner, due to professional commitments that took some time. It will come back early Q3 and I hope to be able to have it on track mid-Q3 before holidays, so I can still release for Christmas. I am replanning it right now, so I’m still confident I can make it.
Weekly exercise and meditationMeasured weeklyExercised almost daily, with an increased daily average to 1h22 minutes, as I added stretching in March. I have now a full daily and weekly routine of strength, flexibility, and cardio.++
Work on my joie de vivreDailyPut smiling pictures on my desk, gloomy days were far less in March and I feel more relaxed and joyful deep under, having put more levity in my daily activities.++
Get closer to friends and familyConstantlyWe have done more in March, seen more friends, phoned relatives and getting more intentional. I’m happy with the progress.+
To really love my passion for naturismDailyI continue to be more and more at peace with it, reflecting in nude days, nude activities and increased writing and sharing.++
To live my nudism more openlyDailyI had a few discussion with textile friends when I shared I was a naturist. This led to no negative comments and an invitation to enjoy nudity. My intention is to be naked when visiting those friends later in April and when visiting my parents later this year. I’m also really happy with this.++
To dare sharing my nudist activities with othersDailyNo real progress. I’m looking at going to nude beach and setting a naked hike. Need to be more intentional
To protect my time from predatorsDailyContinuing to say no to many people who wanted my time. Still going well.++

Here are key learnings from the First Quarter.

The Good

  • Finding peace with my naturist lifestyle
    • I have definitely found peace and comfort in embracing a naturist lifestyle and living totally naked indoor and outdoor when possible. There’s room for progression though to embrace nudity fully with all friends and relatives when nudity is possible.
    • I have managed to spend more than the 30 planned days of nudity, which has added to my sense of peace and well-being, and I’m now managing to move things around to prioritize nude over clothed activities and days and exceed the 30 days for Q2.
  • Increased involvement in naturist activities
    • I have become more involved in naturist communities, sharing ideas on forums and starting a paid channel on Substack for nudist short stories. Active participation to video calls with the ANW community is awesome, and I look forward to the next.
    • Partnerships continue taking shape, most notably True Naked Yoga, H&E Naturist and La Vie au Soleil. This makes me feel more part of this incredible extended family of nudists and naturists.
  • Positive impact on physical and mental health
    • I’m feeling better and better physically and mentally. Daily naked exercises continue to have a noticeable and positive impact on my life.
    • They improve my sleep, productivity, and mood, which has a very positive impact on my overall well-being.
  • Cultivating joy and positivity
    • My overall mood has improved over the quarter. The increase in my naturist activities and finding peace with my naturist lifestyle have helped me prioritizing joy and positivity in nudity.
    • Once all activities will be made nude ones, including with textile friends, then the cycle will be complete, and my joy will have no limit.

The Bad

  • Balancing non-nudist and nudist work
    • Nudism does not really pay the bills so far, but this may change with added focus on the books and the Substack short stories.
    • One of my unwritten goals is to live from my nudism passion. It will require more planning that what I have done so far, but I’m still at the exploration phase.
  • Creating a nudist-friendly home environment
    • I continue to work on creating a home environment that is more conducive to nudism, particularly on displaying more nudist-related items like pictures, books and magazines. I still have to strike a balance with my spouse who is not 100% comfortable with the idea, however, nudity and naturism for me have slowly become non-negotiable, meaning, they are prioritized.
    • This prioritization will take the form of encouraging visiting friends to try naturism and make my home a more comfortable space for me and others to be naked.

I’m really happy about the first quarter of the year. I am fully committed to focus daily and weekly on those objectives with the clear goal of reaching all and exceeding some. I am changing the planning of some of my Q2 naked (or not) activities to turn the negatives into positives and reinforce the positive ones.

What does Q2 look like?

Here’s my key focus activities in Q2

Spend 30 days nakedI planned another 34, so it should be good to cross half-year at 68 or even more.
Find naturist place for SeptemberI will find the place and make the booking to spend a week and hike naked daily.
Weekly exercise and meditationThe next 90 days are already planned as well and I see no exception to exercising daily with added health and mental benefits along the way.
Work on my joie de vivreI’m working on a naked smiling mantra, that I will hang over my desk and recite daily, as a way to plant a joyful and happy seed in my brain daily.
Get closer to friends and familyFamily will be visiting end of April and we will visit friends in early May. I feel good about this, as there will be nude days with them.
To love my passion for naturism (to live my naturism passionately)My substack paid part will fuel my passion, and I’m really happy for the early start. I’ve new nudist work lined up with La Vie au Soleil in May, stay tuned french readers, and a full calendar for blog posts.
To live my nudism more openlyApril and May, with friends and family will be the proof of the pudding. I look forward to it.
To dare sharing my nudist activities with othersSame as above.
To protect my time from predatorsI will continue to say no to many people who want my time.

All in all, it seems there are fewer activities than the previous quarter, but it’s actually the reshuffling of priorities that create this feeling. I do realize there are more nudist activities planned, more nude time forecasted and more naked conversations to happen. It’s a stretch, but a happy one. Reshuffling priorities and activities is a natural process that will drive more progress and joy in my life. By focusing on the things that matter most and making sure that I am utilizing my time effectively, I am setting myself up for success in life in general and in naturism in particular. I am looking forward to continuing to work hard and see the positive outcomes of this replanning and re-evaluation in the coming months.

What about you? Where are you on your naturist journey? Are you making progress? Do you discover new facets of naturism and nudism? Do you need help? Please comment below and don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Strip, Stay Nude, Live Nude and Share the Nude Love!


  1. You said: “Nudism does not really pay the bills so far, but this may change . . .”

    I felt the same way until recently when I joined as a creator. They gave me a free “Go Pro” camera which I now set up in the corner or on the trail and then I just go about my daily naked activities. Their goal is to normalize nudity. Then I earn $80 or more an hour. Let me know if you want additional information so I can help –

    By the way, thanks for commenting at my ANW posts.


  2. I live in an area where nudity is not possible except in the privacy of one’s own home. However, being an all year round sea swimmer, I made a new year resolution to skinny dip at least once each calendar month. So far I have managed it

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