I love being naked, and no, it’s not sexual…

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The main deterrent to nudism/naturism from non-nudists/naturists is that nudity is something that is private and linked to sexual arousal. However, for nudists and naturists, non-sexual nudity is a reality. It’s a complete separation between nudity and sexuality. This means one can be naked without feeling sexual and without having any sexual thoughts. Many people, you may be, have been taught that nudity is private and “dirty”. Millions of nudists and naturists prove daily it can be public (or semi-public as most resorts are fenced, although nude beaches are public) and neat, sane, and totally normal.

I am one of those people who enjoy to be naked for the many benefits nonsexual social nudity provides. A lot has been written about the many benefits of nudism and naturism including on this blog, for instance 12 reasons why I am a nudist and you should be too! and Benefits of Naturism, or my books from the Nudism series available from Amazon in Kindle and Paperback format:

However, these last weeks, I’ve had discussions with textiles and nudists that tend to show that more people confuse nudism with sex and naturists with weirdo Neanderthals. So here are a few random thoughts about what nudism and naturism really are.

Penises, vulvas and breasts are (just) body organs

Private parts are those parts that should not be seen by others: penises, vulvas and women breasts. This is how many people think about those body organs. Why so? Because they are sexual organs. Oops, is this becoming sexual? No! When you have to get naked for surgery, it’s nothing sexual. When you’re naked to take a shower, it’s nothing sexual. Why penises, vulvas and breasts should only be seen through a sexual lens?

Yes, they have a sexual and reproduction function, but they are also organs like hands, feet and noses. What is offensive about a penis, a vulva or breasts? Nothing as such. I would argue, it’s like a knife. It’s not offensive until you point it to someone. Sexualizing nudity is taking for granted that a naked person is having or will be having sex. Desexualizing nudity is taking for granted that the behavior of the naked person is what makes his or her intent.

Behavior is what matters not the state of dress or undress in my humble opinion. However, our societies, cultures and religions have brainwashed people in having them sexualize nudity. As a nudist, I don’t sexualize nudity and don’t consider a naked people as offensive or dirty. I love to make a small game with textiles. It’s a thinking game. Imagine you’re hiking with friends. Suddenly, you realize you lost your wallet while hiking. You’re sure it happened when you opened your backpack a dozen minutes or so ago. You decide to walk back. A few minutes later, a group of naked hikers come to you. What would you do? Confront them? Turn around and run? Ask them with a smile if they would have found your wallet?

The reasonable answer is, of course, to ask them with a smile if one of them would have found your wallet. If someone confirms that he/she has found your wallet, will you be disturbed by the fact that this person is naked, while being respectful and amiable? Most people will think about the situation as being improbable, but it makes them think about nudity and opens a great discussion about nudism and naturism. I, like many other hikers, hike naked because it’s really, really comfortable, not to show off my penis. Nudity is, for me and millions of naturists, a simple and comfortable way to be, without any second thought, but being comfortable in my own skin.

Nude is comfortable

Oh yes, it’s so comfortable to be naked, as I am, writing this text. Aside, my wedding ring, I wear nothing, enjoying the simplicity and comfort of my own body in the way evolution has wanted it to be: undressed. Our body is an incredibly complex and beautiful machine. However, hundreds of thousands of years of evolution have crafted it to be entirely exposed to the sun and wind, not to be covered with fur or fabric.

The moment you cut the link between sexuality and nudity, and start enjoying the joy of being naked for just the sake of it, this truth strikes you. We have been made to be naked. There’s nothing wrong with it, as there’s nothing wrong with sex by the way, quite the opposite. It’s a question of mindset. So back to nudity, being naked is incredibly comfortable when you come to the realization that being naked does not mean getting ready for having sex.

In fact, as I spend on average more hours naked than clothed, nudity is totally separated from sexuality. For me, and millions of nudists and naturists, being naked is being comfortable, nothing more. And being comfortable in our skin, without any afterthoughts, is liberating. There’s nothing like embracing nudity and becoming a nudist for the sake of being comfortable. Our body was crafted by thousands of years of evolution to be naked. It performs better when nude and it reflects on our physical, emotional and psychological health.

Your Mind Creates your Reality

The world as we perceive it becomes our reality. Feed your mind with beauty, calm and success, you will live a life of beauty, calm and success. Feel it with violence, hatred and stress, and you will live a life of violence, hatred and stress. When I’m naked, and as I said I’m more often than not, my mind is not filled with lust and sex, but with comfort and peace.

When I’m seeing naked people on a beach, am hiking naked with friends or have a drink with fellow nudists, I don’t see naked people, I see people who like me, don’t bother covering themselves with clothing, as they are comfortable naked. I know this may sound crazy for most people as society, culture and religion as brainwashed us to believe nudity is wrong, dirty and evil. But it’s not! Inherently, nudity is what you want it to be. I chose it to be comfortable, natural and awesome.

A naked individual accepts to be vulnerable. He or she has nothing to hide and, as such, it has freed him or her from the gaze of others. When I’m naked, I feel so good that my productivity, my love of others and my happiness go up. Yes, it’s that powerful. My body influences my mind which influences my happiness. To me, nudity is happiness and because happiness is crucial, nudism comes first. So, no, being naked is not a sexual act, it’s my preferred state of dress, for the sake of just being naked and comfortable.

Strip Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!


  1. Excellent article I wish more textiles would read this get a better picture of nudity. Keep up the great work thank you

  2. Agree but one more thing. Nudity has to be accepted by women for it to be accepted at all. The issue with that is the perception of their own body. Body shaming is a huge deal. No woman is taking off her clothes, sexual or not, if she is not comfortable with how she thinks others will view her. Confidence issue with self. The world will NEVER support it, there is no money in nudity. Ladies will always choose the fashion option, if only to fit in.

    • Ray Alan Zebley, I disagree with you, women are just as liberal as men, only difference is the unwanted attention females get when naked, my slogan is
      “Just because it’s on show doesn’t mean it’s on offer”.
      The world is accepting it more and more naturism has never been as popular as it is now, we have recently done a naked event in Manchester photos @nakedcyclist , nothing but positive reactions from all ?

  3. I love being naked. At home. In public. Wherever, it doesn’t matter. Do I get a sexual buzz from it? No but I do get a sensual one. As for why many don’t do this I think is many. There is the repressed view on nudity that is ingrained into our psyche as children. This can be from parents and/or religious authorities. There is also the shame and fear imprinted on people mostly by men who think they have a right to leer and be threatening. I also am not keen on the evangelistic approach that many articles take by such organisations as BN. The only people who benefit from naturism are the naturists themselves. I for one am quite happy being nude alone as in a group, but then I’m an introvert. I can understand the advertising and promotion from the aspect of the Naturist tourist sector but not others. But I guess it is horses for courses. We each see things differently.

    • Thank you Michael for your comment. I think what nudists/naturists have all in common is the appreciation of the comfort of simple nudity. I’m an introvert too and have met many extra and introvert nudists. We need diversity in nudism/naturism too.

  4. I loved that your story did not have the word Vagina to describe the genitals of a woman or girl. Too many descripts have the word vagina. I comment so many times to articles where the wrong word is used. Great article by the way.

  5. Yes I truly enjoyed reading your article Marc, I have been a nudist for over twenty years, and I pray everyday that society would stop the stigma of it being sexual.. but hopefully one day, it will be more acceptable for everyone.. I would enjoy reading more of your work..

  6. Good to see comments from Middle-aged men confessing to be single for many years,this can only help for naturism to be seen as a lone male hobby and will not help to make everyone to feel comfortable at beaches.

    • According to the Old-and-New-Testaments Holy Bible, past-default-newborn-nakedness human male and human female non-juvenile nudity and sexuality is – fortunately, to avoid humankind extinction – inseparable and vital involving desire for and actualization of shameless private erotic connections within the parameters of licensed or instead non-State-registered marriage. Even showering alone clothes-free can be a legitimate sensual experience.
      To deny such is like very slowly passing one’s finger through the flame of a candle and pretending heat from such will not burn the skin but presumptively simply shows that the light from the flame diverts around the finger.

      • Please, show scientific proof of what you assert here. There’s a clear difference between the heat of a flame (it’s science) and the religious verbiage (unscientific belief, though respectable) you’re using.

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