Benefits Of Naturism

(c) Vitromartis, 2016

The Vitromartis naturist resort in Crete has published a blog post on the benefits of naturism. They give 18 reasons to consider naturism. If most are the common reasons every naturist knows and shares, some are unusal. Here are three I found interesting:

  • Naturism acts as a therapy. It’s true that because of the well-being and the joy associated with naturism, you get to a deeper sense of relaxtion and happiness.
  • Increased morality. The author explains that because naturists dissociate nudity and sex, teenagers have less curiosity around the body, not experimenting early sex, therefore reducing teenage pregnancy.
  • Reduced patriarchy. With naturism, men do not impose their clothing requirements on women. This also desxualize the body and the effect clothes can have.

As naturists, we all know the benefits of our lifestyle, and I encourage you to read and share the above post. It’s always interesting to be able to have a naturist discussion with non naturists. You will get all responses, from horrified to willing to try. However, with such 18 reasons, you can hope to “convert” many more adepts and be able to get naked more often.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!


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