Becoming a Nudist, the latest installment of the Nudism series, is available!


Becoming a Nudist, the latest book of the Nudism Series is out, in Kindle, paperback and hardcover editions.

Becoming a Nudist is a journey into nudism. From what Nudism is really to embracing nudism as a daily lifestyle, it covers many aspects of nudism, including its benefits and the questions textiles asks about the reality of being a nudist. It nicely complements the other 4 books of the series and forms a consistent discovery of nudism. A wonderful read for seasoned nudist who are curious about how other nudists live and share their nudism, it’s also a great gift for textiles and aspiring nudists. You can find Becoming a Nudist in Amazon. Get your copy today!

“A brief concise guide to becoming a nudist. It covers the benefits, possible hurdles to overcome and the reward for making this change in your life. Well written and easy to follow.”

Here are what readers think about the other books in the series

101 Ideas to Increase Nude Time and Nudist Friends – “There are a lot of amazing and fun ideas if you are looking towards growing and socializing more in the nudist lifestyle. Being a nudist myself, I found this book to be really inspiring!” – “A short list of suggestions to help expand your naturism experiences.A quick and easy read with many helpful links.”

Embracing Nudity – “This was one of the first books I purchased when I started practicing nudism more often, really helped me understand more on how to embrace body confidence and feel happy with how I look.”

12 Ways to Become Comfortable with Nudity – “A simple list of ways to get more comfortable being nude. Each step is explained with some disclaimers so they can be adapted as needed with the ultimate goal being added comfort and enjoyment that comes from naturism.”

The Comfort of Nudity – “A simple concise way to get more comfortable with nudity. Simple ways to get used to the idea are highlighted in a positive and encouraging way.” – “Simple, short, rhetorical essay with few stories, anecdotes, or interesting passages.” – “Nice little guidebook into exploring the wonders of nudism!”

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