Naked European Walking Tour 2021

a person fixing his hiking shoes he is wearing
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The famous NEWT, the Naked European Walking Tour… The name gives a hint about what it is. In a nutshell, it’s a week that has started now a long time ago of naked hiking in the Austrian mountains. Naked hiking is completely legal in Austria and this provides an opportunity for hikers from all over the world to come and enjoy a full week of naked hiking in the beautiful Austrian mountains.

The below is a summary of the 2021 edition. Although I have not yet participated, it’s on my bucket list. Hiking is a great activity, naked hiking is awesome. The day you try, preferably in a group, you never go back to hiking with clothes on, weather and temperature permitting of course. Enjoy a taste of NEWT.

If you want to know more about naked hiking, I cannot but recommend the wonderful book Naked Hiking from Richard Foley and a bunch of contributors. You will discover there are naked hikers from all over the world, why they hike naked and why you should try too!

Strip Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!


  1. I love naked hiking but never so far managed to do a proper nude group hike. The NEWT is a fantastic way to totally immerse yourself in nature and not be worried about clothed hikers being offended. Long may it continue.

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