I Love the Naturist Press


A few days ago, I downloaded the latest edition of H&E Naturist right to my iPad. I got a glass of wine and sat comfortably to flip through the pages. The ritual may vary, but the joy of getting my hands on the latest edition of a nudist magazine is always there. Some times back I wrote a post entitled Nudist idea #5: Subscribe to a #naturist magazine, that I encourage you to read. If you want to learn more about nudism and naturism, reading the naturist press is an excellent, low cost and simple way.

Every month, you will read about some nudist news around the world, some nudist themes. You will discover that you are not alone. Millions of people love nudism and enjoy nude time, alone and with others. You will have the opportunity also to discover that many day-to-day activities can be done in the nude. Nudism does not start and stop at the gate of a nudist resort or on the premises of a nude beach. Nudism is a lifestyle that can be embraced and lived fully.

Another nice aspect, particularly with paper-based magazine, is the ability to share them with friends. It’s an excellent way to share nudism and have people discover it on their own. Most people do not even know that there are magazines dedicated to nudism and naturism. It’s always a surprise for many textiles. The first questions being: how can you fill a magazine with nudist news? Is it only about nude pictures? Is this really a topic for a magazine?

Then, once surprise recedes, it’s another surprise they discover when they encounter the variety of people, of topics and of places. Nudism is an incredible lifestyle and nudist magazines are a wonderful way to learn more, to discover more and to share more. Grab a copy of a nudist magazine and subscribe to one or many!

Strip Nude, Stay Nude, Live Nude and Share the Nude Love!

Cover picture of July 2021 H&E Naturist


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