Interview of Hannah and Nick, from the UK


And on to our Atlantic crossing to to go back to the United Kingdom, where we meet naturists Hannah and Nick.

Hannah and Nick thank you very much for having accepted to be featured on this series of naturist couples interviews. let’s go right to naturism, was there a first naturist who introduced the other to naturism?

Nick: Yes, I was naturist before we met and introduced Sarah to naturism

How did your discovery of naturism happen?

Nick: I was 12 or 13 when I first became a naturist. My Christian parents, for whom the naked body was, at best, to be ashamed of and, at worst, seriously sinful, were also very academic and thought it would be a good idea to send us children to various European families to learn foreign languages. I was sent to a German family on the little island of Fohr, which sits in the North Sea close to the Danish border. The German parents (who were in some way related to one of our former au pair girls) were both artists and ran, much like my parents but in one very different way, an open house with people staying from all over Europe. It was very bohemian and, to me, a complete revelation because neither they nor their children or other guests wore much in the way of clothing. To them nakedness seemed to be completely unremarkable and normal. No one mentioned it, it simply wasn’t a thing. It probably took me a couple of days to shed my clothes (I can’t remember precisely when) but when I did it was a life changer and I have been a naturist ever since. Of course, I didn’t mention anything to my parents, who would have been horrified, and, over the years, my German became pretty good.

How did you Nick, explain to Hannah what naturism was all about?

I told Hannah straight away that I preferred to swim naked and generally went to naturist beaches and stayed in naturist camping.

What was Hannah’s reaction, when you explained you were a naturist?

Completely relaxed. Hannah was always quite comfortable naked and had been brought up with social nudity, though always, at that point, in the home.

What was her reaction, when you asked her to join you?

Very relaxed. We went to Studland Beach. Hannah went topless for the first 10 minutes but then, once we’d been for a swim, quickly lost her bottoms too.

Do any of you happen to practice naturism without your significant other?

No, we always practice together.

When you’re together, where do you practice naturism?

At home, in naturist centers, on naturist beaches (some naturist, some not) and in nature.

Are there naturist practices one does and the other does not?

No, we do everything together and in the same way.

What effect(s) has naturism on your relationship?

Very positive. Naturism promotes honesty, communication, trust, intimacy and liberation. Its the perfect lifestyle to enjoy together.

Has the lock down had any effect of your naturism practice?

Not really.

Are you sharing that you are naturists with your friends and families, and what is their reaction?

YYes, we share with naturist friends and sometimes with limited family. We have discussed it numerous times with other friends almost all of which are interested and/or intrigued. Many express a wish to try it but many are reluctant to take that first step.

Would you advise naturists to be open with their naturism to others?

Yes, naturism is a positive activity which is literally open to all. Why would you want others to miss out?

What benefits do you see and experience in naturism as a couple?

So many, it’s hard to list them; body positivity, confidence, communication, shared activity, friendship, honesty, openness, less clothes washing. What’s not to like?

What advice would you give to other couples whose only one member, or none, is a naturist? 

Be honest, open and understanding with each other. No one should be forced to be a naturist, it’s a choice. But we would say that its worth trying, even if you then reject it. If one is textile we would hope that they would still be sufficiently tolerant to visiting nude spaces with their partner.  There is nothing wrong with one half of a couple remaining clothed, in fact, we see it often, and both ways round!

Do you have any final comments to add about living naturism as a couple?

We would say that naturism has been entirely positive for us.  It makes life so much more fun and so much easier.  Being relaxed about our own and others nudity is good for the soul.  We see that while everyone looks different we are, deep down,  really all the same and that there is absolutely no reason for shame or embarrassment. Also, no struggling with towels anymore to get changed, no searching for bushes, no horrors of someone seeing a flash of something they shouldn’t, just far fewer worries in a world that already has far too many.

A final word for our readers?

If you haven’t, Try it. Find a naturist beach sit on your towel and just take everything off. No one will look at you or bat an eyelid. In five minutes (no more) you’ll wonder why you thought it so hard. Everyone should try Naturism. You have nothing to lose but your clothes.

Thank you very much Hannah and Nick to have shared your naturist life and thoughts, and agreed to be featured on Nude and Happy. I wish you a wonderful naturist future and I hope this has helped readers to better understand how naturism can be beneficial to couples.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!


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