Interview of Sarah and Stevan from the USA


We cross again the Atlantic to go to the United States of America, where we meet naturists Sarah and Stevan.

Sarah, Stevan, thank you very much for having accepted to be featured on this series of naturist couples interviews. let’s go right to naturism, was there a first naturist who introduced the other to naturism?

Yes, Stevan was naturist BEFORE we met and introduced me, Sarah, to naturism

How did your discovery of naturism happen?

Well, Stevan’s family is from Germany and never made nudity a big deal.

How did you Stevan, explain to Sarah what naturism was all about?

It was important to understand the core concept that nudity doesn’t equal sex. For me it was something that I really enjoyed doing it is very relaxing for me and I found you are able to have real personal conversations with people without prejudging them based on how they are dressed. I also really wanted to share it with my partner.

What was Sarah’s reaction, when you explained you were a naturist?

Sarah’s reactions was one of hesitation but we were very early into our relationship so she was also very open minded.

What was her reaction, when you asked her to join you?

She was hesitant But once I assured her this wasn’t about being a swinger and I am not a swinger and am not interested in becoming one Sarah was open to trying.

Do any of you happen to practice naturism without your significant other?

No, we always practice together.

When you’re together, where do you practice naturism?

At home, in naturist centers, on naturist beaches and in nature.

Are there naturist practices one does and the other does not?


What effect(s) has naturism on your relationship?

We both feel that it has brought us closer together.

Has the lock down had any effect of your naturism practice?

Yes, just not being able to travel and meet new people. Feeling like prisoners in our own home. We had a skiing trip that was canceled with another naturist couple which was a major disappointment.

Are you sharing that you are naturists with your friends and families, and what is their reaction?

Yes. It’s not a 100% yes. We to pick whom we share that information with. The reaction is normally positive mixed with humor.

Would you advise naturists to be open with their naturism to others?

Maybe, not everyone is open minded.

What benefits do you see and experience in naturism as a couple?

It has brought us closer together.

What advice would you give to other couples whose only one member, or none, is a naturist? 

Be honest, open and understanding with each other.

Do you have any final comments to add about living naturism as a couple?

Stevan: understand this isn’t suppose to be sexual, that is something different.

Sarah: as a couple remember to be open minded about it and it’s not about sex, it’s about being in are natural state in nature. There is something peaceful and calming about it.

Thank you very much Sarah and Stevan to have shared your naturist life and thoughts, and agreed to be featured on Nude and Happy. I wish you a wonderful naturist future and I hope this has helped readers to better understand how naturism can be beneficial to couples.

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