Interview of Angela and Carles, from Colombia and Spain


We now leave the United Kingdom to Spain, where we meet Angela and Carles.

Angela, Carles, thank you very much for having accepted to be featured on this series of naturist couples interviews. let’s go right to naturism, was there a first naturist who introduced the other to naturism?

No, we were both naturist before we met and, of course, we continued as a couple.

How did your discovery of naturism happen?

Angela: I started in nudism about 16 years ago, when I arrived in Catalonia, even though I had always had the idea of practicing it, one time I had been bathing naked in a pool and I liked the feeling. When I was younger, I practiced swimming and always thought about how uncomfortable it is to wear a wet swimsuit.

Carles: In my family, nudism and nudity have always been experienced in a natural way. I could say that I have always been a nudist..

Do any of you happen to practice naturism without your significant other?

We both do, regularly, when the temperature drops, Angela is the first to get dressed.

When you’re together, where do you practice naturism?

At home, at friends, in naturist centers, on naturist beaches and in nature. Everywhere we can be possibly naked.

Are there naturist practices one does and the other does not?


What effect(s) has naturism on your relationship?

We believe that naturism improves our relationship by generating more trust and affinity.

Has the lock down had any effect of your naturism practice?


Are you sharing that you are naturists with your friends and families?


And what is their reaction?

It depends on who you explain it to, in Colombia for example it is more difficult to understand and we do not explain it to everyone, only those closest to us know it and most of them are surprised, but want more information. Here in Catalonia we experience it in a much more natural way and people are not surprised.

Would you advise naturists to be open with their naturism to others?

Yes, because naturism is freedom, it helps you in self-confidence and security in yourself. It is also a way to get closer to nature more natural.

What benefits do you see and experience in naturism as a couple?

We believe that it is something that unites us and makes us better, so we can always practice our hobbies together..

What advice would you give to other couples whose only one member, or none, is a naturist?

Sharing passions or sharing hobbies with your partner is the best. If you share the nudist lifestyle you would be more united, it makes you more complicit and strengthens your relationship. Also without clothes you are who you are and you don’t hide anything.

Thank you so much for your time, Angela and Carles, do you have any final comments to add about living naturism as a couple?

I would recommend couples to try it and if it is only one who practices it, that the other put himself in his place and spend a whole day naked. If they pass the test, surely they will, repeat.

Thank you very much Angela and Carles to have shared your naturist life and thoughts, and agreed to be featured on Nude and Happy. I wish you a wonderful naturist future and I hope this has helped readers to better understand how naturism can be beneficial to couples. Angela and Carles are also running a naturist blog dedicated to Naked Hiking and are active on Instagram and Twitter. Go and pay them a visit!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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