Naturist Thought #100 – Dawn


Here we are, the 100th naturist thought. When I started, I planned 100, so even though I had a pause, I wanted to finish those 100 thoughts. I love dawns, probably more than sunsets. Dawns are more quiet and colors are sometimes more intense that sunsets’.

Dawns represent the promise of a new day, of new experiences. Walking outside, watching the sun rise is always a wonderful experience, naked, the cold of the night adds a fascinating layer. As shared previously, cold and nudity are not opposed. When exposing your body to cooler temperature, you re-teach your body to adapt, something it long forgot in the comfort of our society.

Walking on a beach or on the edge of a forest, at dawn, listening to the nature that wakes up is a wonderful experience. This new year is another kind of dawn, will you embrace naturism more? will you make more naturist friends and spend more time naked? Will you “evangelize” naturism and its benefits around you? Will you be a naturist role model? I will because I want naturism to be seen and perceived as the normal lifestyle it is. Let’s all normalise naturism!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by Phú Mai on Unsplash


  1. I love a nude walk at dawn, in our lovely countryside and woods, no human sounds just nature. Leaving all my clothes and walking shoes only for a couple of hours across fields country lanes and even a rail track, coming back totally refreshed!

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