Nude or is it naked? Which do you prefer?


By Christopher Jeremiah

If you know me well, you will hear me say “open and free.” 

What does this mean exactly? 

It quite simply means “without clothes,” as this is what it feels like to not wear anything at all.

Now for my next point…

“I am always nude, but never naked,” is my personal quote. 

At this point, you may be asking, “What’s the difference?” Well, please allow me to clarify.

First, my take on what Nude is….

When I think of nude, I think of tasteful or respectable art. When you hear of “tasteful nudity,” you may think about art since there is no “nakedity.” It goes hand in hand with nude art, because I myself have never heard of naked art, have you? I just find it to be more tasteful. When I think about tasteful, I think of nudes.  I suppose you could say naked in place of nude sometimes, but it just doesn’t have the same feel or tone to it.

Jack Tripper learned the difference between nude and naked from a prospective employer. He learned that “nude is art, naked is dirty.” Furthermore, there are nudists and naturists, but no “nakedists.” 

Second, when I think of Naked, I think of a totally different dynamic.

Here, I think of the Bible where two people were ashamed of themselves. Shame is not an admirable quality or something that is sought after. I think of dirtier because you have probably heard of “naked and afraid” Not “nude and afraid” –Naked I feel is more animalistic or “primalistic” in nature. It is like primal beings, out in the woods, or such places, being on the hunt. 

I also feel that naked is more attached to porn, which is very dirty, and what gives us nudists a very bad name. Because everyone always wrongfully affiliates sex with nudity or nakedness, ie, the natural state. If they did not equate the two, then being without clothes would not be considered taboo. A friend also thinks of the younger crowd when she thinks of being naked, in that children are natural nudists because they are prone to run around naked while very young.

There you have it. Put in the simplest terms there is the difference between the two, Nude and Naked. So now that I have enlightened you between the two, I ask you again,

“Do you prefer to be nude or naked in your life?”


  1. When driving in my Mustang convertible, I am nude, but not naked. I always wear the seatbelt.
    Naked eludes to something missing, nude simply eludes to being bare.

    • Me too, by far the best way to be able to be nude. I am nude at home all day long since I skinny dipped in July ’18

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