Naturist Thought #33 – Caring


Sharing is caring! Care to share! If you care about others, you should share your naturist lifestyle ? Many people fear forms of retaliation when they disclose that they are naturists. It’s true that some family and cultures are totally anti-naturist. However, caring about your loved ones is about just being in harmony with who you are and with what you do.

Naturism is natural and healthy. Naturists are friendly, and normal people who enjoy being naked and carrying activities while naked. By sharing naturism you show others you care about their well being and demonstrate love. When you are alone and afraid to share your naturism lifestyle, it’s difficult to get naked often.

If you care, share openly and freely you are naturist. Most people will not make a damn about it and the idea they have about you will not change much. However, by taking a care approach, some will embrace the lifestyle as well and you will be able to get naked together. Others, while staying clothed, will accept your nudity. A tiny minority will stay away. By caring and sharing, you’ll get naked more often and enjoy life better. Worth a try!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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  1. I like the sentiment but these is easier said than done, especially in the U.S. Nudity is so taboo here that many will not listen to the logical points you make. Nudity is only associated with sex and therefore nudists are viewed as perverse. It is a shame but that’s the reality here. I have personally embraced the nudist lifestyle in the past year but have no plans to share with my family and friends.

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