Naturist Thought #20 – Why


As I was working from home wearing my preferred suit, my birthday one, a question came to my mind: why some people love to be naked and others not? Well, I can definitely give my answer and it’s fairly simple: comfort and wellbeing. I feel totally comfortable when naked. I feel at ease and completely free.

These comfort and freedom allow me to do more things during the day that I would otherwise do. I can do chores, focus more deeply and work harder as I am completely naked. Why is it so? It really boils down to being so well that life feels lighter. Why some people dislike being naked? I cannot say for them, but I would guess it comes with deep cultural, social or religious indoctrination on the shame of the human body. What about you? Why do you like to be naked, or not?

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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