7, no 8, reasons to visit the nearest nudist club


Let’s start by stating that you made the decision to explore nudism and would like to move from reflection to action. The best decision to make now is to go to the nearest nudist club or resort. You may feel anxious about it. This may be the first time other people will see you naked. However, here are 7 valid and good reasons to overcome your fear and go spend some time with other nudists.

1. All nudists have started one day

Most nudists are not born nudists. Some had the chance to be raised in nudist families, but most had not. Therefore, they have become nudists and have gone through the same train of thoughts. This means all nudists (and I mean all, no exception) will understand your fear and will help you overcome it. So share openly you are a newbie, and feel welcomed.

2. All nudists are respectful of others

This derives from the first point. Nudist tend not to judge and to accept differences. In the textile world, you may be judged by your clothes, your car, your house, your accent. In a nudist environment, you are not judged. At least, I have never been. You may befriend all the nudists you’ll meet, but all will welcome you with a hello and a smile.

3. All nudists are nude

Sounds ridiculous? Well actually, in a nudist colony/club/resort, all people is nude and will not pay attention whether you are nude or not. Actually they will not pay attention if you are nude, but may ask question if you are clothed, or may understand that you are a newbie, and therefore, will revert naturally to point number one.

4. You will be welcomed from the onset

Nudism is all about sharing. The more the merrier. The day you enter a nudist resort, the guy or gal at the reception will welcome you and will make you feel comfortable. This is just an awesome feeling. You will always feel you are part of a larger family.

5. You will make new friends easily

We often hear in forums or in clubs it’s difficult to make new nudist friends. Well when you join a nudist club, all members are potentially friends. You will make new friends who share the well-being of nudism.

6. You will feel free

If you are naked at home or in your garden, you have probably felt this fear of “being seen”… for instance by a neighbor. So there are chances you are not (yet) 100% comfortable being naked in your garden or in the privacy of your home. In a nudist resort, nudity is the new normal, so no need to be fearful. On the opposite, you will find this freedom of being naked and relaxed. Warning, once you try, you will not be able to stop.

7. You’ll get an overall tan

No more disgraceful bikini lines, no more white bum. You will enjoy an overall good-looking tan. Be cautious though, so bits that have never been exposed to the sun are sensitive. Do not forget your sunscreen and use it everywhere. The great news is you will not fear putting some sunscreen on your swimsuits, as you will have ditched it.

8. You’ll discover a new world

This sounds a cliché, but the world of nudism is amazingly relaxing, beautiful, respectful and open-minded. Just the sheer opposite of the clothed world. In a nudist resort, you will feel your deep self and will reconnect with your humanity. Nudism is an incredible liberating feeling and until you have made the plunge, it’s difficult to describe. Actually, I think it’s impossible to describe. Writing and reading are conscious and logical activities. Being naked is an unconscious and emotional activity. Being naked the first time in front of stranger may bring negative emotions like anxiety, but over time, it will bring the positive emotion of freedom, total freedom, respect and you will feel entirely relaxed.

Nudism is one of the best possible feelings you may experience as a human being. If you read this text is because nudism rings a bell, whether you are a seasoned nudist or are looking for becoming one. I can tell you that if seeing is believing, trying is becoming. My last advice would be, find the closest club, place a call, pay a visit. If the club is not to your liking, try another one, but overall, come with an open mind and a willingness to be positively surprised. Nudism is just freaking awesome!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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  1. The best thing I have ever done for my mental health was go to Olive Dell Ranch for a week. It truly is a life-changing experience to be without the shackles of clothing. The initial fear is gone in seconds and then you feel free, genuinely free as a human being. Stay naked!

  2. These reasons should be followed up with……IF you are a couple and not a single man. If you are a single man, you are tyically ignored and it is shown you don’t belong. That has been my experience over several years at one venue.

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