The comfort of nudity – 6/6 – Comfort


And here we are almost at the end of this nudist adventure, discovering this incredible comfort. A quick look back. We saw that the naked body was only a naked body. Education, society, and religion have made it a sexual representation that must be ashamed and concealed. But, by removing all the labels, the naked body regains its simple integrity. It is then possible to appreciate the freedom of movement provided by nudity. You don’t need clothes to live on a daily basis and find this space of freedom. Freedom of movement, but also freedom about the ukases of society and fashion. It is possible to face your own eyes without reference to the beauty cannons. One can then free oneself from the look of others, accept it, let it slip on our skin. It is often the moment when the physical and psychological well-being settles and the one where comfort makes its appearance.

Comfort, freedom, and doubt

Society imposes obligations on us, generally unconsciously. These obligations range from the rules of living together to the clothes we wear. These obligations, when one becomes aware of them, can become constraints, limiting our free will and our choices. Naturism allows us to liberate ourselves from some of these constraints and to find lost freedom: that of moving naked, that of not following fashion, that of living more simply. This liberating comfort is sometimes destabilizing by the questioning of the rules that have often guided our lives. Like any lifestyle change, there may be moments of doubt. Is it okay to feel this comfort? It is generally the right time to discuss with other naturists, to share moments of nudity with friends and to let go to realize the correctness of this choice.

It is normal to doubt. After a period of euphoria, doubt generally accompanies every decision. It is necessary to pass through, to hold on. We need to leave the butterfly chrysalis. It is a difficult time before the new life begins. This new life of freedom and comfort that you have touched the finger and in which you will now immerse yourself.

Simplicity, minimalism, and comfort

A need for minimalism sometimes accompanies the abandonment of clothing and societal constraints. As nudity becomes comfortable, it is no longer necessary to update this wardrobe or objects that are piling up in our lives. The simplicity of nudity often invites us also to liberate our interior and our life from superfluity. It is not surprising then to find many naturists embarked in the minimalist movement. Finding a simple comfort then becomes second nature.

Minimalism and naturism are good housekeeping. Both have the same approach to finding things and real situations that are fun. The naked well-being transforms into the love of nudity, to the point where it becomes almost impossible to stay dressed when you can be naked. It is the same with minimalism. You only keep what you love, and you only buy what you need. A radical change in life, so fulfilling.

Sharing, nudity, and friendship

We generally need to share the physical and psychological comfort of naturism. We often notice that naturists are friendlier and that relationships are simpler than in textile environments. Nudity plays a simplifier role in relationships. The social role drops, for the benefit of the person and his soul. Certainly, it is possible to have strong friendships in Out of naturism. Naturism nevertheless conveys this notion of shared nudity that flattens out differences and makes relationships more straightforward and straightforward.

If you meditate or do yoga, you have been confronted with the notion of letting go. This state that makes us relax, no longer be in reaction and appreciate the present moment. The shared nudity and the comfort that accompanies it go in the direction of this letting go. When you are physically and psychologically enjoying the comfort of nudity, you are in a state of letting go. You no longer hold a dependency on your dressed image, in the eyes of the other, with the rules imposed. You enjoy the present moment, with friends who share these same values of respect for each other. A rare comfort!


Nudity is normal, natural and liberating. It is incredibly comfortable when you accept that it does not convey any of the messages that society, education, and religion impose on us. Admittedly, it is difficult to separate nudity from sexuality. The naked body can induce physical, psychological and emotional reactions of attraction. There is nothing unusual. The human being is a thinking animal, and this ability to think must allow us to do the part of things, to separate nudity and sexuality, to appreciate the well-being, freedom, and comfort of simple nudity.

Naturism conveys values of respect and tolerance, not only to our neighbor but also to the nature that surrounds us. By becoming a naturist and appreciating the physical and psychological comforts of simple nudity, it is possible to find peace and appreciate the diversity that surrounds us and makes the richness of our lives. I wish you All Happiness Of the world, naturally naked!


Photo by Lucrezia Carnelos on Unsplash

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