The comfort of nudity – 5/6 – Wellbeing


Wellbeing can be reached only when there is nothing to be afraid of and when we are detached from the others looking at us. If you are afraid of being seen naked, your wellbeing will not be complete. You may be naked, but this fear that risk will spoil that pleasure.

The wellbeing of nudity is a hedonistic sensation. You feel good about yourself. We feel the wind, the sun and the elements on each of the pores of our greatest organ. This unique sensation is an element of wellbeing we feel. The other element is psychological. Naked, without fear, neither of one’s gaze nor that of others, this is a freedom that few other situations provide.

Freedom and wellbeing

This freedom of movement and being is one of the fundamentals of the well-being felt when you are naked and the one you are looking for when you are dressed. Many people do not understand, for example, this willingness to always go on a naturist beach or to hike naked. They wonder what the swimsuit or the hiker’s outfit has to do with our well-being to the point of systematically wanting to do without it.

This is difficult to explain rationally, as long as we have not passed, consciously or unconsciously, through the previous steps. If you feel the discomfort of your own body, either to oneself or others, it is impossible to understand the wellbeing that the naturist feels and the need to get naked as soon as possible.

Wellbeing and being

Part of this well-being covers the mere notion of being. Be yourself, like an open book, without hiding anything from who you are. And why hide what is natural and human. Being naked for a lot of naturists is just right! It is to live a simple life in contact with the elements.

It is however easy to move from well-being towards hedonism and the sexualization of nudity. The border is sometimes fine between hedonistic well-being and sexual wellbeing. This little something that you feel in your belly sometimes… is quite human. Desexualizing nudity is impossible. Being naked sometimes causes the crossing of this fine line. Nothing serious as long as one is aware of it and we recognize that the limit has just been crossed. I’m naked, so I’m fine. I’m just naked.

The Forgotten Nudity

When you reach this level of wellbeing and nudity becomes comfort, as we will see in the next and last part of this series of articles, it becomes secondary. We no longer think about it; it is “second nature.” You can open the door to the pizza delivery man or walk along the beach by crossing the edge of the naturist beach, forgetting that you are naked.

You find yourself so well naked that you forget that you’re naked. This can, unfortunately, play tricks in our society that does not always tolerate nudity well and that often equates it with sexual exposure, but it is another topic. However, in a vast majority of cases, simple and natural nudity will be seen and accepted sympathetically, even outside naturist structures. This is because of the well-being the practitioner radiates.

This well-being felt by being naked is the prerequisite to the total comfort felt by those of us who live naked as much as possible can. This will be the topic of our next week’s post.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by Chris Keats on Unsplash

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