The “volunteer” – A review


Let me put it straight: I loved this novel. I loved it so much that I read it in just two busy days. The story is impeccably written, the plot entirely plausible and the novel really enjoyable.


It’s a must to have in any naturist library. It touches a ton of topics regarding naturism, including body shame, naturist vs textile, health benefits of naturism and naturism acceptance.

What I liked about the book

Everything, but first and foremost, the credibility. The story is about Dani, a college student, who is “volunteered” into a psychological experiment : live naked 24×7 until the term of the semester. Of course, Dani is no nudist and she never thought of becoming one. However, we see how slowly but surely she becomes comfortable in her own skin. Of course, she goes through the normal phase of felling good being seen, on the edge of exhibitionism.
But she goes beyond the sexual feeling and embraces the comfort of being naked, as nature intended. Whether you are a nudist or not, you will be thinking : what if it were me? Could have I done it? Would have I done it? And you may be feel uncomfortable with the idea of being naked in the middle of clothed people.

With 4.4 stars on Amazon and no 1 star review, it’s definitely seen as a good book to read.

What you will discover in the book

The more you go into the story, the more you understand the nudism benefits. The more you go into the story, the more you understand it could have happened, The more you go into the story, the more you feel non sexual nudity should be a authorized clothing option, as a naked body is nothing to be ashamed of.

The plot is very well thought out. You flip through the pages, fearing what could happen next and sometimes it happen. The lows are low, and the highs get higher. I am not going to disclose how the plot goes, including the end of chapters cliffhangers, but it’s a book very difficult to close, as you will want to know more.

The author, a nudist, understands the psychology of nudists. He has thoroughly researched the topic and put a lot of his thinking into the book, whether it’s others reaction to Dani’s decision to live naked or Dani’s psychological evolution, including the wellness of nudity as well as the satisfaction she’s doing something useful for humanity.

Final thoughts

I want more! The end of the Volunteer seems to have been written faster. It’s clear the author wanted to end the story and leave it open for a sequel. Which is something I’m looking forward to. What will be next? Will Dani continue to live naked? Will other join her (this would be great)? Will she embrace nudism as her lifestyle? So many questions we want the answer to in the next novel!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked, and Share the Naked Love!

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