Can you be naturist and like clothes?


This question popped up in my head as I was running the other day. I was stark naked, jogging at a good pace, enjoying the breeze on my skin and was thinking about my coming week at work, when the question arose. The world is not entirely friendly to naturists, and we need clothes to wander out. Although I enjoy being naked as much as I can and in every circumstances that allow it, when I need to get dressed, I enjoy being well dressed, even sometime over dressed, as I like nice clothes. So here I was, naked and running, and questioning myself as a genuine nudist if I like my clothes.

“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” So wrote Mark Twain. Although I tend to totally disagree with the statement, it’s true that a suit or a dress can change the physiognomy of the wearer. It can make him or her display more confidence, although I tend to think confidence comes from within not from what you wear. And I have seen may confident people not overly dressed. However, a lot of people will judge a present by its wrap and will judge a human being by the way he/she’s dressed. Therefore, may we like it or not, clothes play an important social role.

Still naked and still running, I was confronted with two antagonistic points of view: liking clothes because play a role or disliking them because I prefer being naked. Pretty rapidly, another simple idea mixed into my mind: live is too short not to enjoy it every single second. Therefore, when I can be naked, I enjoy being naked and when I need to be clothed, I enjoy being clothed. And if I enjoy being clothed, let’s enjoy feeling as good as possible clothed, therefore I need to like the clothes I wear. My dilemma was closed (pun intended): I am naked as much as I can because I really enjoy living clothes free, and this is always my first choice, and I like clothes because they contribute to my happiness when I need to wear them.

So the answer, for me, was yes, you can be naturist and like clothes. As a naturist, I look for the best clothes in natural fiber, like wool, cotton or linen, and avoid as possible synthetic fabrics. At the same time, I chose not to become a fashionista, slave to fashion and to follow the latest trends. Not only it’s a costly habit, and it does not make me feel good. So I like clothes but not fashion as such. What you readers think about this, do you think also that you can be a naturist and still like clothes? Your comments below are welcomed.

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Photo by Heather Ford on Unsplash


  1. Another good article. There are times when I just don’t feel like taking my clothes off, not too sure why but if I am not in the best of form, I don’t remove them. I do agree that you should be happy in both scenarios and enjoy life with or without clothes on 🙂

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