4 reasons to meditate naked


If you already practice meditation, you probably embrace the numerous benefits of it. If you have not already done so, I invite you to take off all your clothes and start meditating entirely naked. Here are four reasons it will enhance your experience.

1. No compressing elastic at the waist

Even though you may wear a lose yoga pant, the strap at the waist will compress a little and will limit the free flow of chi, your vital energy. It’s subtle, but I always feel it, and if I have to wear pants, my attention is focused on this feeling of the strap encircling my waist. So better get rid of it. This is although true for bras for women. Get rid of them for your meditation.

2. All your skin is breathing freely

One of the common way to start meditating is to focus your attention on your breathing. What I’ve been taught when I began meditating is to imagine your entire body is breathing, every inch of your skin. When you are naked, you can feel the air around you and imagine it penetrate your skin. I generally start with legs, then arms, belly, torso, back, neck and head. Just imagine the chi penetrating your skin from the sun and the surrounding air.

3. You can feel the earth beneath you

Whether you meditate sitting or lying, without clothes on, your body is in direct contact with the couch, the bed or the floor. You can focus your attention on those contact points and feel them on your bare skin. With this, you gain a better understanding on this wonderful enveloppe of yours that is your skin.

4. Once tried, adopted

Once you start meditating, you can feel the benefits rapidly. Once you start meditating naked, you will quickly feel so good in your own body that you will not want to wear anything than your birthday suit. It’s difficult to describe the feeling of freedom and relaxation of meditating naked. If you can, try meditating naked in nature, in your garden or in a forest. This will increase more the quality of your meditation, of course if you are in complete security and do not fear to be seen.

Meditation is a simple practice that takes just a few minutes of your day but can bring so much to the quality of your life that it would be a pity not to embrace it. Naked meditation brings the practice to another level, by opening a new level of feeling of freedom and regaining the senses through our skin. It does not require much, just stripping off entirely and enjoying intensely the moment.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share The Naked Love!

Photo by Mitchell Griest on Unsplash


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