Nakedness as THE obvious choice


I’m almost just back from a very relaxing week of holiday where my clothing has been mostly limited to shopping: I hiked and jogged naked, I went to the naked beach, and spend all day naked, including doing all sort of chores and housework. So nakedness was not an option, it was the “normal” state. However, one morning as I was brewing coffee just after waken up, my nakedness kinda stroke me. Let me explain!

Over the last ten years or so, nudism has impose itself to my life. As I explained in a previous post, nudism is my preferred state of being. If I can chose between clothing and nakedness, I will always chose the later. I just feel good entirely naked. Up to a point that nakedness being a normal state is entirely forgotten. So you can come home unexpected and there are big chances that I will open the door naked without thinking about it.

But this morning I realized I was naked preparing the coffee and a feeling came to me naturally: I was naked, I felt good and there could not be any other choice. I started to think about why getting dressed to prepare breakfast when the weather was hot enough to be naked. Of course, there are tons of reasons that I have already written about, mostly cultural. But overall, once you accept that everybody has a body, based on the same model (with variations, like for cars), and that there is nothing inherently sexual about nudity, then nakedness becomes THE obvious choice.

Being naked is comfortable, uses no clothing (no detergent to clean clothes)  and allows you to do almost everything (except dangerous activities where you may need protection). So this was an kind of a second epiphany. Nudism was not an option, it was THE obvious one. And on I went having breakfast enjoying the first warm rays of the sun, before jumping in daily activities.
What about you, do you also think nudism is THE obvious clothing choice when it’s possible?

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share The Naked Love!

Photo by Drahomír Posteby-Mach on Unsplash


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