Total nudity goes down to the feet…


While I was basking in the sun naked, I looked at my flip-flops lying next to my lounge chair et found them odd. Why as no clothes were on my body, did I need my sandals to move around? Of course the answer “to protect my feet from hazards” came immediately. Sure, but why not help my feet to protect themselves from those hazards? Why not eliminating this layer of plastic between my body and the earth? It was like an epiphany. Bare feet were a natural element of my nudity. I needed to go back to the house to grab my notepad to ensure this idea was captured before disappearing in a hidden part of my brain. I stood up, waved goodbye to my sandals and went my way bare foot. Never really before did I pay attention to the sensations transmitted by the sole of my feet, the grass, the earth, the tiles… It was like I was finding a lost or forgotten sense.

As the day was coming to an end and the sun was approaching the horizon, I went walking in the countryside, wearing only my visual crutches, my glasses, without them, no clear vision. My only transgression to total nudity. I walked on rocky tracks, on patches of grass, and on sandy paths, letting the earth sensuality invading me. I did not want to stop but as the darkness was growing, I had to go back, promising to myself that I’ll be back early the next day, for a naked run, bare foot… Do you want to know what happened? Here it is.

Six o’clock. Sun’s already up. The day will be hot. I drink a fresh orange juice, listening to the nature noises. Ten minutes later, completely awaken, I am on my way for a naked run of 4 to 5 kilometers. The first bare foot, not even Vibram Five Fingers, entirely bare foot. My first feeling is my knee is not entirely fit from its previous trauma. I will need to go soft, which is great as I am bare foot. The second feeling comes from my feet. Like with Five Fingers, the impact of the foot to the ground needs to change: I need to get contact with the ball of the foot first, then the heel. Since there’s nothing to protect the heel, if I go heel first, the sensation is not pleasant. The third feeling comes from those little rocks that can hurt. I left the soft and comfortable grass for a rocky path. Those little things are not pleasant, however by paying attention where to land the foot, all goes well. Logic!

Rhythm comes, but like the first time with Five Fingers, some pains start to appear in some leg muscles. It’s clear that, due to the change of the foot position, my body is not used to this new situation. I slow down and start brisk walking instead of running. I’ll alternate run and walk for four kilometers, before going for a swim in the pool and do light meditation facing the sun. The result? I’m more than ever convinced to do more activities bare foot. Feelings are wonderful and I know my soles and my legs will get used to this, my sole growing protection at the right places. What makes me even happier now is it’s only seven thirty and a wonderful day under a clear blue is ahead, naked and bare foot!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!


  1. I used to bo barefoot most of the time, and it’s wonderful! However, I developed neuropathy in my feet a few years ago and now can barely walk on them sometimes, let alone barefoot. Enjoy it while you can!

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