6 reasons to have more #nude beaches


Here are 5 reasons provided by an previous article from Queensland (Australia) that is not available any more, my point of view about them, and my 6th own reason:

  1. Everybody else is doing it. Sure, nudists are a minority. However, with more choices, more people would embrace nudism that is a perfectly natural and healthy practice. At best, all beaches should be clothing optional, at worst, one out of two beaches should be a nude beach.
  2. Good people don’t want to be law breakers. Let’s face it, nudism is perfectly legal in many countries. Although I still believe and advocate nudism should be available everywhere as one of the clothing option, we can take one step at a time to be minds used to public nudity. Therefore, let’s make all beaches clothing optional. Nudists are not criminals, they just appreciate being naked, nothing is inherently wrong with that.
  3. It’s actually safer for everybody involved. There will always be perverts. I actually find there are as many perverts on textile beaches as on nude beaches. However, on a textile beach, you notice them less. I can tell you that a man with an erection on a nude beach is spotted instantaneously and can be asked to calm down or leave. Non official nude beaches tend to be more pervert-prone than legal ones. Furthermore, a lot of nude beaches are isolated, making them more difficult if not impossible to protect. So it’s not about being “parked” or “secluded”, nudists want to be in a safe environment too.
  4. It could keep perverts away. See previous point on safety. The more nude beach options, the less perverts. One point on perverts as well is that it’s more difficult for these people to operate when there is a lot of people. The more people, the less perverts.
  5. It boosts body confidence. Body confidence is being undermined regularly by “artificial ideal” bodies photo-shopped and shown in media. By getting nude with others, you gain more confidence in your body and in you! It’s all about accepting who you are with your inherent flaws. Nobody’s perfect, and even the image of perfection varies from people to people. Getting naked at the beach or in nature is just telling yourself and the world, my body is mine, there’s nothing wrong in showing it, it’s all natural.
  6. It’s healthier than wearing bathing suits. Sand, weeds, can get into a bathing suit. Keeping wet suits can be the source of various ailment. Getting entirely naked in the sun, with the right sunscreen, increases the level of vitamin D too. Not even mentioning the comfort of not having anything obfuscating your body movement. If you keep a bathing suit, have a look inside next time you go to the beach, you will see stuff get stuck in it, better get naked.

There may be other reasons I can’t thing about now, but the original article was spot on. Another great example of mainstream media advocating nude recreation. The future has to be nudist!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!


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