#Naked in the woods, a reader feedback


Some 51WQgCurteL._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_weeks ago, I put my hands on a digital copy of Naked in the Woods, a guide to Spiritual nudity by Storm Moon. I wrote my first experience to total nakedness in the woods in my post titled A #naked walk in the forest at night. The experience was awesome and I then continued to read the book. Now that I came to its end, here’s my feedback.

First and foremost, I enjoyed the book. It ties nicely nudity, sensuality and nature. Do not get confused, even though the author advise to do most of the prescribed exercises naked, they can be done clothed as well, because it’s all about increasing our senses of belonging to the universe that surrounds us.
There are 7 different parts that walk you through the roads of the communion with nature, embracing nudity and peace:

  1. The naked spirit. This is all about being conscious of who we are related to nature, to our deep self, linking to energy and chakras. This is probably the chapter I preferred because of my personal practice of naked meditation and of long years of learnings of my body.
  2. Treasuring the human form. This chapter confused me at the beginning and challenged my thinking as a nudist. Although I felt my body was just a mere envelope to my soul, this chapter taught me my body could be loved and adorned. I created the right justification for body jewels and adornments.
  3. Heart of Gaia. This is the most beautiful chapter, linking nakedness and nature, perceiving its beauty and spirit, and helping developing our senses. How to learn from the trees and the earth.
  4. Elemental Magic. This chapter was an epiphany that gave me the idea of writing nude tales on the elements (more on this soon). It links the human body to natural elements nicely and help us realize how diverse and wonderful the universe is.
  5. Sensual Journeying. Careful, sensuality is often confused with sexuality, although one can lead to the other, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of, here is a chapter on how to deepen our senses to the nine elements. A beautiful journey to the cave and the other places our senses can walk us into.
  6. Rites and rituals. This is the chapter that introduces the “tribe”, that is our group of sensory exploration. This provides great guidance on how to increase our nature awareness with social nudity and sensory exploration. Once again, nothing sexual here, just beauty of sharing our deep understanding of nature.
  7. The tribal revival. The last chapters ties everything together and brings the notion of flow. I always loved this idea of flow. It’s something strange that you can experience from time to time, and that leaves you with an impression of soulfulness. Something you want to recreate everyday of your life. The chapter and the book ends on an interesting point of view in the future that may seem like some hallucination, but reveals to be an ideal I would love to live in.

Overall, as I said, I enjoyed the book very much. It reinforced my love and need of nudism, showed me new ways to enjoy nudism in nature and opened tons of ideas on how to share more of the beauty of being naked in nature. If you are interested in meditation, personal development and want to explore the junction between nudism and nature, this is a must read.
Last but not least, you will find at the end a long list of related books on nature, nudism, Gaia and various other linked topics, showing that Naked in the woods is not just a mere idea out of the mind of the author, but an expression of life shared by many people. Just a beautiful way to embrace life!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!


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