A #naked walk in the forest at night


51WQgCurteL._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_A week or two ago, I started reading Naked in the Woods, a guide to Spiritual nudity by Storm Moon. As a naturist who loves hiking naked in the woods and who started naked meditation some months ago, the theme was of deep interest. I loved the first pages, the description of our links to our mother earth and how nudity can help us getting closer to nature, this spoke directly to my deep feelings. Then, when the author started to speak about his personal practice of nude walk in the forest, it stroke me that I was never entirely naked when hiking: I had walking shoes, a rucksack, a cap… What would it be to be entirely naked?

The question needed an answer. As it was dusk, I decided to go for a walk in the forest entirely naked, leaving everything, clothes, watch, shoes. As I was already naked, I just had to take my watch off, let my sandals go and off I went to the forest. There was a little part of risk as the path to the forest from my home had to go through some public areas, cross a road and go along some house. Although it was a Sunday evening, the risk of meeting somebody was not totally nil. However, the appeal was too strong not to take the risk, I had to do it!

I left home in the dark, the dog was so happy to go on an unexpected walk and went out the garden. I was outside, barefoot, entirely naked! Some houses were lit, and I walked along, entering the forest after a short while having encountered nobody. My confidence grew and all my senses were into play. I felt a rejuvenated feeling of freedom. Feeling the earth below my naked feet, leaves, grass, rocks was an incredible sensation. My whole body was free of any constraint and my skin could feel every single grain of air. This was an incredible feeling. I walked on a track I knew well, barely lit by a half moon, listening to the sound of the forest, enjoying every step.
At one point, I turned into a side path, stopped on a grass patch, and lied down, letting the earth and the air surrounding me. I let go completely my muscles, looking at the moon playing with the clouds and the top of the trees gently moving. I spotted a couple of bats, heard some animal noise in a far distance, a couple of mice came close, and a large smile came onto my face, deeply enjoying the experience. After a while, I stood up and walked back slowly to the house.

All in all, the walk had lasted half an hour. Not a lot, but so relaxing, so different from normal hikes. I was without any safety net, any crutch, entirely naked in the woods, and I discovered a new world. I will go back for sure, for longer walks, for walks with my wife, for walks in the day too, as naked in nature, with no clothes at all is a complete different experience I encourage you to do.

Of course, Naked in the woods is a great read if you want to embrace nudity in nature, naked meditation and recreate those long-forgotten links to nature!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by Avery Lewis on Unsplash


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