Shedding Clothes and simple side-effects…


Embracing nudism as a lifestyle has many positive side effects (I still wonder if it has any negative ones…). One is getting rid of the necessity of clothing. In this inspiring post, the author explains simply that her prolonged nudity allowed her to get rid of clothes she does not require anymore.

Naturism allows us to go to essentials. Clothing is still required in our society, however, most of the clothes we have in our closets can benefit those who cannot afford them. A great way to unclutter your life and your mind starts by getting rid of the clothes you do not wear anymore and do not need if you’ve decided to embrace the nudist lifestyle.

This post has inspired me and I have a pile of shirts, t-shirts, shorts, and underwear I am going to give to the Red Cross. I have made a commitment as well to stop buying clothes I do not need just because they are hype or cool. I’m gonna stay more nude than ever and do not need more clothes that the ones I currently have in my closet. More than half is now empty, I feel cleaner!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!


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